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Attorney Marc Victor Schools Anti-Gun Activist

Written by Subject: Gun Rights

Published on Dec 18, 2012

Attorney Marc J. Victor schools an anti-gun activist on the news.


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Comment by GrandPoobah
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All those children that that stupid bitch was complaining about. Black children about which she does not care. The homicide rate for children in white states is about the same that it is in Europe. No one case about black kids getting killed, but let a few white kids die, and all these liberals get their undies in a bunch. Oh... for what it is worth, it seems to be only whites, and the occasional asian that engage in mass shootings of strangers. Blacks at least usually confine their homididal rage to people that they know.:-) --- Just saying. Anotjher racist set of facts, like white men can't jump  

Comment by PureTrust
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The points are these. We can see, if we research it, that many people who have guns protect themselves and their families from would be killers. And now, we have seen once again, what happens when average good people obediently disarm themselves by obeying gun laws and ordinances.

Since we can protect ourselves when we have guns, and since we often can't protect ourselves if we don't have guns, let's load up on guns and protect ourselves. Once we have eliminated the criminals who are attacking us, we will REALLY have nothing to fear, since the vast majority of us are NOT criminally oriented to attack one another with guns.

Comment by normnip
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It's great how Marc ignores the anti-gun activist's emotional interruptions. Then when it's her turn to talk, Marc interrupts her. She complains that it's her turn, he ignores her like she's not even there. Good for him.