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4409 -- Tasers are for Pussies

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The use of Tasers are a form of torture covered in the bill of rights under the freedom from cruel and unusual punishments. Whether the torture lasts 15 seconds or 3 minutes its still torture.

Police are constantly caught torturing people with tasers NOT because they were threatened but rather to teach people a lesson for "disrespecting" them.

Would not one think that such tactics of using taser would be unconstitutional in a police interrogation room for compliance, how about a court setting?

What is they electrocuted you for not signing a court document or disrespecting a Judge?

By contrast, during an arrest or roadside traffic stop, there are no clear standards for when police use of a stun gun for "pain compliance"

Tasers were suppose to be an alternative to guns. For instance instead of using a gun for someone wielding a knife you could use a stun gun. Meaning the force had to equal the force.

The issue is they were not shooting people for not signing tickets or exiting vehicles before tasers and if they did it was excessive force.

Pirates who use tasers are flat out pussies.

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