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Donna's first solo skydive...

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As long as I can remember, I wanted to skydive. Not sure where I got the desire, but nonetheless, it was on my bucket list. So, back in 2004, I was given a gift certificate for my birthday for 2 tandem skydives. I shared one of them with my sister-in-law, and we went and did it. WOW - what a rush. Couldn't wait to get back up there and do it again. Which I got to do again in 2006 for my son, Corsair's, 18th birthday. We had the party  at one of the local dropzones, and there were 18 of us that jumped that day.

Although I still maintained the desire to learn how to skydive on my own, life has a way of taking over and you soon push those dreams to the side. Again. Until last Christmas.....
Instead of everybody buying Christmas presents for everyone, our whole family does a 'Secret Santa' where we all put our names in a hat on Thanksgiving, and we each draw one name from the hat. The name that we draw is the person we buy presents for at Christmas. Last Christmas, Corsair drew my name. So, on Christmas Day last year, the whole family was at our house. My son had all of us gather in a large field that is next to our house so that he could present his gift to me. He has a remote control plane that he flew over head, dropped a little guy with a parachute attached to it, and I was to catch it when it came floating down. Attached to the little parachute guy was  a gift certificate for skydiving lessons! Wow - I thought that dream was a thing of the past, and now I was faced with the opportunity to fulfill it.
As our life was very busy this past year - we were out of town for several months traveling across the country, visiting friends and patriots as we drove almost 8000 from Phoenix to Montana to New Hampshire to Texas and back to Arizona; we had two grandbabies born (one in March and one in August); several dime card projects/mailings; keeping up with Freedom's Phoenix webpage;  doing the daily broadcast of Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock; we had debate parties for every Republican debate; and also the Freedom's Phoenix digital magazine that publishes once a month. So we were not sitting on our hands. But that left little time for doing extra activities once again. Until this month.
I made an appointment with the skydiving school and last week, did a level 2 tandem jump, which I had to do before I could proceed with the lessons. This past weekend, I scheduled my ASP (Accelerated Student Program) level one lesson, which is pretty much a whole day of ground school and is finished off with a jump assisted by two jumpmasters. I finally got my own parachute and was able to do the jump and navigate the parachute to a safe landing. Some of the family was there to watch, as they knew this was a celebrated moment in my life and they wanted to be there [many thanks :)]
Here are some pictures:


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Comment by Karyn Nelson
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Way to go Donna....look at Kaylee looking up at her way cool gramma..:) 

Comment by David McElroy
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 I don't mean to stifle an adventuresome spirit, but this skydiving thing looks like a terrible risk for a perfectly good woman! I'm glad you got a thrill and landed safely to rejoin your family for Christmas, Donna. Merry Christmas!

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