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4409 -- Political RATS using SANDY as an excuse to Bailout their STATES

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Watch these GOP rats from bankrupt STATES beg congress for cash.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said today that it was "disgusting" that the House adjourned without voting on a $60 billion relief package for the victims of superstorm Sandy and put the blame squarely on a fellow Republican -- House Speaker John Boehner.

Christie in an angry news conference decried the "selfishness and duplicity," the "palace intrigue," "the callous indifference to the people of our state."

This coming from a STATE and a Governor that is about as selfish as you can get with their scam toll roads and property taxes.

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Comment by Dr.Bob
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You guys are great ! I love 4409 ! But it seems you are unaware of the Biggest Scam that is being done by EVERY state, city, county, etc, in this country. There is a movie on youtube in 20 ten minute segments called, Corporation Nation 01-20. In a nutshell, every municipality in the country is a corporation and has to fill out a Comprehensive Anual Financial Report yearly. When a city starts, it opens up a financial investment portfolio using tax payers money and starts making a profit that goes into the pockets of the city officials. NO city or state is bankrupt, it is ALL a lie, there is TONS of money in these secret investment portfolios, that belongs to the tax payers. Watch the movie, and if you want more info, call me anytime. I would like to help with your efforts, to help save OUR country. I'm a pilot, ex-Air Force, a mechanical proto-type design engineer and a Patriot. Dr.Bob(818)485-7311