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4409 -- Man uses HOV lane with Corporation Papers!

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California man says he can drive in carpool lane with corporation papers!

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When Jonathan Frieman of San Rafael, Calif., was pulled over for driving alone in the carpool lane, he argued to the officer that, actually, he did have a passenger.

He waved his corporation papers at the officer, he told, saying that corporations are people under California law.

Frieman doesn't actually believe this. For 10 years, Frieman says he had been trying to get pulled over to get ticketed and to take his argument to court -- that corporations and people are not the same. Mission accomplished in October, when he was slapped with a fine -- a minimum of $481.


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Comment by 4409
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@Temper bay.... You said: "Of course corporations are people.  People make a corporation/a corporation is composed of people"

People also make roller coasters and are composed of people riding them but roller coasters are NOT people. A corporation is just a fiction...all dependent on BELIEF.




Comment by Temper Bay
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>> 'Corporations are not people.  Or they are.'

Of course corporations are people.  Rocks don't own or make up a corporations, nor do steel bars or clay bricks.  People make a corporation/a corporation is composed of people.  However - papers are not people - they merely identify and represent a corporation. 

Comment by Powell Gammill
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This is the best activism because he can't lose.  They can decide they don't want to play, in which case he plays again---and others start to do the same.  Or he gets his day in court and either wins or wins by losing.   His costs are his time, being accosted by the state and possibly a large fine and points on his license and increased insurance costs down the road depending upon how things turn out.  A bit of money but little risk to himself to make a huge point:  Corporations are not people.  Or they are.

Comment by Monroe Maxhimer
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In my humble opinion the Man will lose because the powers that be NEVER follow the law unless it is in their favor.
Comment by Powell Gammill
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sweet!  I wonder if you can incorporate your front passenger seat or list it as the location?

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