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Practical Alternative to Government

Written by Subject: B.O.R.G.

Those in the know realize that governments don’t solve societal problems – ever. They create them! We love freedom and want to restore it, to adopt a practical alternative means of societal organization.  The Government's top down coercive violent manner works perfectly ...for them! Titania is where a group of Voluntaryists organize together to create a world that is highly Creative and Ethical. 

Some structure is needed.  You wouldn’t legitimately be able to build a bridge, dam or go to the stars with a bunch of anarchists running around doing their own thing…RIGHT? 

Based on the research of the late John David Garcia, we can now build organizations of any required size by combining modules of eight people, each given a basic training in ethics and group communication. We call these groups Octologues. Its a manner in which voluntaryists can organize ETHICALLY.
An Octologue is characterized by a commitment to highly ethical principles that value love, awareness, creativity, and personal evolution – and further by voluntary participation and unanimous decision-making. Such an organization can be formed for any ethical purpose and is highly responsive to corrective feedback – thereby resisting bureaucratization, the dominant feature of hierarchies.
For a free 1½ hour introduction to this exciting new science-based technology, come to our next presentation at 6:30 p.m. Thursday, January the 10th, 2013. It will be held at the community room behind the fire house on the Northeast corner of Lindsay and Adobe, in Mesa. Please RSVP  Bob Podolsky will be more than happy to answer your questions at 561-542-5800 – and we’ll see you there!