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OPERATION SPRING STEEL - Joint Field Training Exercise (FTX)

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Don't know if you received this already. Just interesting to note that the whole militia thang is indeed kicking off again in grand style. Of note is that this was forwarded to Steve from Jack Foote, who you will recall is associated with the racist border activists (the real ones) like JT Ready, Casey Nethercott, et al. The training outfit where this is scheduled to take place is real and genuine enough. I do not yet have reason to believe they themselves are agents,...but who can say? Certainly, there will be "listeners" attending, at the very least.



I am pleased to announce that our statewide Joint FTX, OPERATION SPRING STEEL, will be conducted 23-24 March 2013, with Training on Advanced Ground Combat Operations.


All training will be conducted at "Camp Marauder" near Tonopah, AZ .  Details on the facility and directions to get there can be found at


Here is a video clip of the kind of Training to expect at Camp Marauder:


Participation will be limited to the first 100 students who reserve their training slot.  While there is no set fee for this event, we are asking each student who reserves a slot to make a donation of their own choosing.  Don't cheap out, give an amount that reflects what you feel this training is truly worth to you.  This FTX might be the last time we get to train together.


The Marauders facility is a world-class Training site.  Everyone who has trained there already has come back amazed at the quality and professionalism that the Instructors and the Staff display.  If you are ready to take your Training to a "whole new level", this is the place to do it, and March 2013 is the time.


The roads into the Marauders site are rough, and there is limited parking.  We will be placing students into car pool groups in order to reduce the number of vehicles during the FTX.


Students will be welcome to camp overnight at the Marauders facility.  Be advised, however, that you will be expected to take your turn providing Base Camp Security for the night watch.  Please also be advised that this is a very primitive site.  There is no running water, grid electric, or phone service.  There is limited cell phone coverage at Camp Marauder .  Bring your own toilet paper for the outhouse.


Bring your own food and water, your own method of preparing your meals, and your own tent and sleeping bag.  Treat deployment to this FTX as your would deployment to a live mission.  Bring what you need to sustain yourself for two days in the field.


The Commander for this Exercise will be Mike Simpson, who owns and operates Marauders Tactical Training .  You will be reporting to him, and to his Staff and Instructors, for the duration of this FTX.


To reserve your training slot, each student must email Mike at . Include your phone number so that Mike can call and brief you on your Training.  Once you have been approved for this FTX, you will need to download the waiver form, fill it out, and return it to Mike.


Mike will then put you in touch with our Training Coordinator who will help you get linked up with a car pool group.

Please read the Training Schedule below before sending your email to Mike.


John "Jack" Foote, KE7FDZ


"Igitur qui desiderat Pacem, praeparet Bellum."



Advanced Ground Combat Operations Training


Dates:  March 23 - 24, 2013


Times: 9 am Saturday - 4 pm Sunday


Location:  MTT Urban Assault Course (1 hour west of Phoenix, AZ)

                Directions will be provided to registered participants through team leaders


Cost: Donations are being accepted to cover targets and sanitation supplies.


About the Program

This program is designed to help prepare individuals for ground combat operations as part of a fire team and squad.  The training is being hosted by the staff of Marauders Tactical Training and will include a number of different training topics over the two days.  Training and topics include:


Day 1

Weapon Safety

Individual Equipment Selection

Combat Marksmanship Training (Rifle)

Military Operation on Urban Terrain

Vehicle  Operations (Tactical Mobility)

Low Light Operations


Day 2

Team Move and Shoot Obstacle Course

Combat Stress Scenario Obstacle Course

Force on Force Training Scenario


Admission Requirements

Participants must apply through the event coordinators to receive approval for training.  Request submissions for individual or team participation should be made to:


Please include your name and telephone number so that one of our team members may call you back to discuss your participation.


Recommended Equipment

Eye and Ear Protection (Clear glasses needed for night operations)

Appropriate Clothing for Day and Night Operations (military uniform or tactical clothing)

Comfortable Hiking or Combat Boots

Tactical Rifle with Weapon Mounted Light and Sling

At Least 4 Magazines

At Least 200 rounds of Ammunition (NO STEEL CORE, ARMOR PIERCING, OR TRACER ROUNDS)

Weapon Cleaning Kit and Tools

Load Bearing Vest, Chest Rig or Plate Carrier (NO CROSS DRAW HOLSTERS ON VESTS ALLOWED)

Small Back Pack or Assault Pack

Pistols are Optional (Holster must be Level 2 retention - NO SHOULDER HOLSTERS)

Hand Held Tactical Flashlight

Four Glow Sticks (2 Green, 2 Red) 

Personal First Aid Kit and Medications

Personal Camping Equipment and Meals (At least 1 MRE) 

At least Two Gallons of Water

FRS Radio Capable of Sub Channels

Pen and Note Pad


Prohibited Items and Behavior

Armor Piercing, Steel Core, and Tracer Ammunition

Smoking on MTT Property


Illegal Substances and Drugs


Video Taping of Participants or Instructors without Written Consent

Rude or Confrontational Behavior

Fighting or Verbal Abuse


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