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4409 -- NAZI Checkpoint guards go nuts and KICK in car door

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READ THIS: A few Nazi Checkpoint / roadblock guards kick in a mans door then lie about it. The man involved has NEVER been in trouble with the law in his entire life and is a teacher. Remember that these checkpoints are inland some over 180 miles inland.

Some will spout the ACLU propaganda that there is a constitution free zone within 200 miles of the border. That is just a psychological scam and completely ridiculous...the constitution does not magically disappear within 200 miles of a border. People who claim that are about as ignorant as you can get.
These checkpoints are unconstitutional because they are using dogs to check for drugs NOT illegals. Edmonds vs. Indianapolis ruled that general checkpoints for drugs are unconstitutional. In as much, dogs cannot detect whether someone is illegal.

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Call the Blythe Checkpoint and tell then to go back to the actual border
For mail: P.O. Box 836 Blythe, CA 92226
Phone: (760) 922-6715 

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What the hell can one expect when Mexicans guard the Mexican boarder? 

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