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H.R. 748 would require all persons in the US 18-25 to perform 'national service'

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There has been speculation regarding President Obama’s “citizen army”. In 2008, President Obama made statements regarding a “civilian national security force”. Since that day, many have been curious as to what President Obama had in mind when he made that statement. Rep. Charles Rangel (D-NY13) may have just given a bit of insight into what was meant when he introduced H.R. 748 last week.

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Comment by Nosh Eeples
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People, check your sources. The link asking about women going to war leads to an article at Daily Paul where they are basing their info on noncredible and phony news sources. ACTOR Alex Jones of InfoWars -- If you ever accidentally land on his website, just dust yourself off and move on. The second source they use is The Onion that is satirical SPOOF NEWS.

Comment by PureTrust
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This won't work - at least, not like it did in the past with a draft. Why not? Because of the right to contract. The right to contract means the right to NOT contract as well.

These days, the young men and women of the country are steeped in computer and communications. And with all this communicating, there will be many of us older folks who will show them how to opt out of Social Security. Without the SSN, it is unlikely that a person will even be accepted if he/she wants to partake.

If the requirements bypass the SSN, so that a young person can be required without a SSN, it will still be necessary to get him/her to sign on the line... or at least to accept by some form of agreement. There will be plenty of us who will show them how to obey the letter of the law, all the while expressly stating that they are not making any agreement to join.

The only thing that might overcome this is if there is formal war declared on the U.S. by some foreign nation. But even then, a person will be able to opt out, though it might be amidst shouts of cowardice or treason from peers and the military.

Seems to me that most of this whole thing is designed to put fear into the hearts of the patriots. Therefore, calmly keep an eye on Obama and Government, as usual. And then simply go about your regular job of thwarting their stupidity.

Comment by enough said
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The Obama plan is to form a civilian force to use against the American citizens when he imposes his martial law