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Hidden Harvest: Long Term Food Storage Techniques For Rich And Poor. -eBook

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No matter where we are, disaster and hardship can strike. Hidden Harvest brings mountain wisdom of past generations into the present with the practical science of long term food storage.
Readers of all income levels, even those of limited means or no means can begin using this information today without buying fancy equipment or anything at all. Part how-to book, part reference book and part story telling, Hidden Harvest is meant to be read from beginning to end and then kept handy on the shelf for routine consultation. Make your own survival food, eat healthy through any disaster and be able to share with friends and loved ones. All popular methods are discussed and probably many that are new to you.
Replete with informative tables, formulas and curious (often adorable)hand- drawn illustrations, Hidden Harvests is a book intended to offer you many years of enjoyment, health and joy no matter what your circumstances. You will become a food storage and handling expert with practical and beneficial knowledge for everyone.

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If anyone wants to prepare for things getting really bad, I mean REALLY BAD - no gasoline, no food, few open stores, little communication, no electricity, transportation stops, shortwave radio only, no ammo for guns, etc. - you should seriously consider the Foxfire book series. The Foxfire's show you how to grow it all/make it all, from scratch, like the Tennessee and Kentucky mountain men are still doing.