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Open-Source Search Engine for 3D Printing

Written by Subject: Science, Medicine and Technology
Cody Strikes Back! Changing the World, One Search, One Download at a Time. 
We're building a search engine for 3D printing. Without the censorship. Fund DEFCAD Today

Access 3D printable firearms. And more.

The DEFCAD files have been downloaded more than 400,000 times. Our next step is an open-source search engine for all 3D printable files, not just innocuous trinkets and garden gnomes.

Get the Offline Cache:
A DEFCAD USB dogtag.

Reserve a DEFCAD startup package now to get the Offline Cache: a USB key with every DEFCAD 3D model. Once the site gets going, we'll provide help and tutorials for printing your own 3D parts.

Open Source. Open Data. Freedom Wants to be Free.

The search engine source will be released on github under the AGPL license. Like Wikipedia, nightly database mirrors will also be made available via BitTorrent. Our goal is not profit maximization, it is an end to the artificial scarcity of copyright, IP, and regulation.

DEFCAD purchases fund Anonymous and Veterans.

Hackers are persecuted by federal prosecutors while the basic needs of veterans go unmet. All purchases mediated by the search engine will be rounded up to the nearest dollar; 50% of the proceeds will be donated to the VFW, and 50% will be donated to 4chan to support free speech on the internet.

Google can't

Google's done a lot for free speech. But they made an early decision to disallow promotion of firearms, have gone on the record opposing the AGPL, and have a closed search index and codebase. Their fear of copyright infringement suits is why Youtube passed Google Video and their risk aversion on social is why they're playing catch up with Facebook. They can't be the pioneers here, because the future of 3D printing is dependent on radically open access to object files.

Makerbot won't

Makerbot is perfectly competent at hardware. And their software is fine too, especially Thingiview. But they caved to censorship, and they don't seem to realize that printed hands and pharmaceuticals are anathema to the FDA and Roche, printed cars will be opposed by the NHTSA and Ford, and printed drones will be fought by the FAA and Boeing. Makerbot won't fight those battles, which is why Thingiverse is going to be a home for trinkets and garden gnomes.

Politicians say don't

Politicians always want new regulations, patent lawyers always want to sue, and presidents want to feel important. But the mechanisms by which they impose their will are centralized structures dating from a centralized century. Once it's not a few dozen manufacturers under the thumb of the state but tens of millions of decentralized acts of civil disobedience — a patient printing artificially expensive pharmaceuticals, a South Asian woman printing to defend herself — there won't be enough jail cells in the land to hold all the thoughtcriminals.

We will

Laws were changed and political parties founded over Napster, Bittorrent, and The Pirate Bay...over music and movies. But with 3D printed firearms, pharmaceuticals, automobiles, drones, and medical devices, the stakes will suddenly get much higher. Because 3DP is not about reviving manufacturing jobs or competing with assembly lines on cost. It is not about disrupting manufacturing. It is about disrupting copyright, IP, and regulation. It is about printing items whose prices have been set to infinity. It is about disrupting man-made forms of artificial scarcity. It is about DEFCAD.