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Freedom's Phoenix Workshop... Doing Some WORK!

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Saturday & Sunday May 11th & 12th 10am-5pm on both days we are constructing from scratch at least 3 16' diameter Geodesic domes. 2 Domes will connect and be the foundation for the Aquaponic/BioFuel/Solar Energized Food Machine.
Freedom's Phoenix will host a workshop on constructing from scratch an Aquaponics System that has many features and benefits for all of us to learn and share.
See the MEETUP Site to R.S.V.P.
This is a WORKING event not a party. If you are interested in Helping then please come. If you wish to just stop by for a minute that's fine, but it'll cost you some refreshments and you are still discouraged from distracting others working.
This is what we will be doing..... a bunch of times (Moneydome Construction).
Most of what you need to know for Saturday and Sunday's event is right there on the page of the above link. But if you want to help and get some first hand experience then please join us. But distractors will politely be asked to... not be a distractor.

1) 500 pieces of 1/2" EMT Conduit will be cut from 10' lengths
2) Each segment will be flattened on both ends (1000)
3) Each end will be drilled (1000)
4) Each end will be ground smooth (2000 sides)
5) Each end will be sanded smoother (2000 sides)
( are you starting to get the scope of the project? :)
6) We will be staining a 12'x12' deck
7) We will be leveling a 30' x 60' area (already rototilled)
8) Once fabrication is done we will begin construction of the domes
9) Cutting and sewing of the material for the cover is a whole operation all by itself that will be scheduled for later.
The construction of the dome frames must be done by Sunday evening so that the equipment can be measured for and installed.
There is plenty of easy repetitive work to be done and we have the equipment and work stations already set up with the supplies we need. So all you have to do is take a few moments for a safety briefing and begin work. We have enough labor to get the job done in time but I want to share the experience with others hoping to learn... but NOT at the expense of the safety of others or delays (FYI)
I'm certain we'll have fun... because we plan to be productive.

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Comment by Keith Cyrnek
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Great! Count me in and not as a "dis-tractor". But as the weather is warming up should I bring my speedo to take a dip or two and will Donna make some of those Philly sandwiches, but with black beans as I am goin' plant based. See you thin, - Honneycomb. :-)