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F#@! up and Amazing Videos - Labour Pain Simulator

Written by Subject: Just For Fun!
This is the kind of stuff I find on my kids' Facebook pages...
Ernie had me post this as I was laughing so hard at the comments (Happy belated Mother's Day :))
Labour Pain Simulator

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Comment by Ernest Hancock
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I'm glad these guys did this... one less thing I gotta do :)

After 4 children and 4 grandchildren I have great respect for the POWER of women to endure extreme pain for long periods of time.

Donna and I were in the studio before bedtime catching up on emails and Donna was checking the kid's Facebooks (only way we find out what's going on with them and see pics etc.) and she started laughing... uncontrollably. "If it's that funny then put it up on the site to share with everyone" I said. Then this morning I watched it and read the comments. OK... I get it. :)