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Another "white-out" over Arizona skies

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Here is some information on chemtrails sent from a reader of Freedom's Phoenix:
With another "white-out" over Arizona skies today (Memorial Day) due to continued lacing of toxic chemicals, it seems fitting to forward these links since many have taken on this insidious battle for our survival. 

After handing out several hundred geoengineering fliers (below) in the last 24 hours, many said they knew about this program.  WOW, never thought we'd be at this point but so very promising.


WOW-- a MUST SEE!    Click on 1st pic to start the series.    Chemtrails Awareness | Facebook

Worcestershire Chem Trail Action Group | Facebook

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Comment by Jerry Alexander
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Another find example of how Americans love their country.I can not imagine that there isn`t at least ONE AMERICAN that know what`s going on with these trails but have decided to stay quite in order to save his,her`s the`s all about the money,or,the Chem Trail People are not American,at all.