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State Department Terrorism Report: Upping the Stakes for War

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State Department Terrorism Report: Upping the Stakes for War

by Stephen Lendman

According to Washington, terrorism is what they do, not us. Defending independent sovereignty is called terrorism. So are legitimate responses to Western/Israeli-sponsored attacks.

Incidents manufactured out of whole cloth are called terrorism. In October 2011, Iran was falsely charged with plotting to kill Saudi Arabia's US ambassador (Adel al-Jubeir).

No plot whatever existed. So-called plans "never progressed" because they're were none. The entire scenario was fabricated. At issue is falsely claiming Iran represents an existential threat.

It's done to build a case for regime change. Washington tolerates no independent governments. It wants subservient pro-Western ones replacing them.

Manssor Arbabsair and Gholam Shakuri were charged. Shakuri's an Iranian-based Revolutionary Guard Quds Force member. Arbabsair's a naturalized US citizen. He holds an Iranian passport. On May 30, he was sentenced to 25 years in prison.

On May 30, the State Department released it "Country Reports on Terrorism 2012." It assesses "international terrorism" throughout the year. It does so country-by-country.

It highlighted Iran and Hezbollah, saying:

"A marked resurgence of Iran's state sponsorship of terrorism, through its Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps-Qods Force (IRGC-QF), its Ministry of Intelligence and Security, and Tehran's ally Hizballah was noted."

"Iran's state sponsorship of terrorism and Hizballah's terrorist activity have reached a tempo unseen since the 1990s, with attacks plotted in Southeast Asia, Europe, and Africa."

"Both Iran and Hizballah also continued to provide a broad range of support to the Asad regime, as it continues its brutal crackdown against the Syrian people."

On May 15, Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Wendy Sherman addressed Senate Foreign Relations Committee members.

She discussed "multiple" Iranian challenges posed by "its nuclear ambitions, its support for international terrorism and destabilizing activities in the region, and its human rights abuses at home."

She falsely claimed Iran defies the international community. It's "one of the greatest global concerns we face," she said.

"Iran is the world's foremost state sponsor of terrorism, which it uses as a strategic tool of its foreign policy."

"(T)he 'Iran Threat Network' comprises an alliance of surrogates, proxies, and partners such as Hizballah, HAMAS, and Iraqi Shi'a militants, among others."

"Iran funds, trains, and equips these terrorist organizations, in whole or in part, to use in attacks around the world."

Hezbollah "continues to be a key partner and substantial part of Iran's threat network."

"Hizballah and the Iranian leadership share a worldview and strategic vision and are seeking to exploit the current unrest in the Middle East and North Africa to their advantage."

Sherman accused Iran of "training, arming, funding, aiding and abetting the Asad regime and its atrocious crackdown on its own people."

"It is coordinating its intervention in Syria with Hizballah, which is itself engaged in training pro-regime militants who attack Syrian civilians, and in direct fighting on behalf of the Asad regime against the Syrian people."

"Iran and Hizballah fighters are also directing the activities of Iraqi militia groups which have been enlisted to join in the Asad regime's war against the Syrian people."

"Iran has shown that it is willing to potentially destabilize an entire region if it means keeping the Syrian regime as an ally."

"Countering such efforts remains a key priority for the Administration…."

Washington wants unchallenged regional dominance. It's ravaging one country after another to achieve it. It's partnered with Israel to do so. Key NATO countries are involved. So are rogue Arab state allies.

They may end up with more than they bargained for. Partnering with Washington is risky. Be careful what you wish for. Things may not turn out as planned.

Full-scale war on Syria may spread cross borders. The entire region could become embroiled. Global war is possible. Imagine if it went nuclear. Imagine the consequences if it happens. They're too grim to risk.

War is America's strategy of choice. Israel operates the same way. Syria's in the eye of the storm. Both countries plan full-scale intervention. Events head incrementally toward doing so.

They want Assad toppled and replaced. They want regional balkanization. Smaller weaker states facilitate control. America and Israel share similar goals.

Core Zionist doctrine prioritizes a "Greater Israel." Maximum territory is wanted. Israel's the only country without fixed borders. It's for a reason.

It wants them extended as far as possible. It wants neighboring sovereign territory included. It wants regional rivals eliminated. Doing so furthers Middle East dominance.

America and Israel partner to achieve it. Washington wants it globally. Israel believes survival depends on controlling its own region. Syria's part of its expansion plans. So is Lebanon.

Targeting Assad and Hezbollah reflect it. Proxy war rages in Syria. It's spilling cross border into Lebanon. Iran's targeted. Establishing pro-Western governments throughout the region is prioritized.

Events head incrementally toward full-scale Syrian intervention. Israel's actively aiding Al Qaeda, Al Nusra and other extremist elements. So is Washington. Both countries pretend otherwise. They want the region redrawn in their own image.

A previous article discussed America's New Middle East agenda. Achieving it depends on destabilization, subversion, chaos, violence, and full-scale war. US-style diplomacy reflects it.

One war segues to others. Divide, conquer and control reflect policy. It's the oil, other valued resources and more. Unchallenged dominance is sought. Redrawing the region facilitates it. Strategy includes manufacturing threats.

According to Israel's Counter-Terrorism Bureau, Nigerian security forces uncovered a Hezbollah terrorist cell. Israel claims it planned numerous attacks on Western and Israeli targets.

It called doing so "part of the Shi'ite terror campaign against Israeli targets throughout the world." It said additional cells likely operate in other African nations.

Claims without clear corroboration lack legitimacy. No evidence supports Israel's allegations. Anti-Assad, Iran and Hezbollah ones are spurious. They're repeated ad nauseam.

US and Israeli pressure got Germany to declare Hezbollah a terrorist organization. Its longstanding position resisted. Other Western nations may pile on. Britain formally requested EU countries do so. Israel urged them earlier.

Hezbollah's aiding its Syrian ally. It has every right to do so. Its own interests are at stake. Syria's downfall could mean its own.

Mossad-connected DEBKAfile (DF) claims Assad plans a Golan offensive against Syria. It said doing so is "the next stage of the Syrian war, which, if Tehran and Hizbollah have their way, will evolve in a war of attrition against Israel waged from the Syrian Golan."

It claimed Iranian forces will be involved. Once "hostilities against Israel" begin, "it will be hard to stop the violence from spreading to Israel's borders with Lebanon, from Syria into Turkey, and from Jordan into Syria and Iraq."

A second DF report headlined "Israel's dithering over Golan strikes gives Assad go-ahead for war of attrition."

"(B)acked by Iran and Hizbollah," Assad's "resolve(d) to turn the divided Golan into the next 'resistance front' against Israel." DF claims Syria and Hezbollah plan "to launch an escalating campaign of aggression across (Israel's) borders."

Saying so turns truth on its head. Assad has no aggressive intentions. Washington, Israel, and partnered countries head toward full-scale war on Syria. Falsely accusing Assad facilitates doing so.

It bears continued repeating. Libya 2.0 looms. It may come sooner than expected. Proposed Geneva II talks have no chance to succeed.

Syrian National Coalition officials won't participate. Refusal to do so assures failure. Proceeding will be an exercise in futility.

Peace talks are subterfuge. They mask war plans. Washington, Israel and partnered countries incrementally head toward doing so full-blown.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at

His new book is titled "Banker Occupation: Waging Financial War on Humanity."

Visit his blog site at

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Anyone with 1/2 a brain,understands that america is the greatest purveyor of violence and the largest exporter of terrorism the world has ever seen bent on global economic,political and social domination until it wins the game of 'Risk'. In order to stop this united states of mordor the rest of the world needs to unite,confront,occupy disarm and then dissolve the united states of sparta...forever... 1)Frogs on Boil with a Case of the Gas Chamber Syndrome... Duh red white and blue flying high and majestic the clean-cut troops so young and strong fighting for their country what a meiotic service for gold they march to and perform on behalf of...but for whom? if our enemy is ferocious why do we eradicate their women and children over there yet they never come here? Tell me america, what afghan has ever bombed your town? what afghan terrorist has ever broke down the door to your home terrorizing you and your family? what afghan soldier has ever killed your sister brother son or mother by bullet bomb or drone in your own neighborhood? why do you do to them what you came here and did, so long ago, so consistently? Everyone over here supports the they would need you to believe everyone within worships the military like they were a sinless unquestionable demi-god everyone is expected to obediently blindly support without question, with apathy and distain for their suffering everyone in the usa needs to ascertain what is done in their name Where is the Iraqi child walking the streets in his home who ever did you harm? what Iraqi woman wondering what dreams will manifest in her life ever fired a tank shell at your town then giggled on video? which Iraqi man has ever come over here to militarily occupy your nation since you posses what he craves? why did you terrorize and occupy for so many years at the price of your soul? For just like good german villagers in Bavaria back in 43 living oblivious to the horror in the smoke coming from the ovens just over the next hill a white rose roared to wake up the sleep pretenders but were guillotined for daring to alight conscience 70 years later a whistleblower here in the land of the free who did the same thing might suffer the same fate Do you have any idea concerning the sickening suffering that your support inflicts? do you know the numbers or the names of the dead, of the wounded, of the you even care? i wish i could see all the names of everyone who has suffered from usa military float down from the sky on a piece of paper on every school, on every church, every town and government office in the good ol' united states of mordor Ah but of course you've absolved yourself of responsibility & accountability so such an act would faze few for you've anointed yourself a good christian, an exceptional, an indispensable city on the hill you have an untouchable conduct code, a civic compass & always the impeccable moral high ground collateral residue your taxes pay for as a condolence payment & its blood money but does it really pay? The anguish you inflict is beyond any justification at any level for any reason the agony of xenophobic abuse you support with fireworks &hot dogs is a shackle & chain you must bear the cost of your sins will reverberate through time and your nation will be synonymous with evil the suffering you ignore is the price your kids will pay You're manipulated by manufactured fear you're dissonant frogs slowly being boiled in your own excretion you're a battery, bled milked cheated and above all, lied to you're a empire of pompous consuming locust who are afflicted by the Gas Chamber Syndrome...

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