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BORG Supremes Destroy Fourth Amendment

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BORG Supremes Ruling Destroys Fourth Amendment 

The BORG Supremes “ruled” this week to uphold a Maryland “law” that allows BORG Agents to collect without a warrant DNA material from human beings who are arrested.  The 5-4 decision is a further indication; the United States is a now operating as a POLICE STATE.

Theoretically the “Bill of Rights” is supposed to protect human beings from intrusions by the excessive government.  The real truth is: you have no rights, not even the right to what is in your own body. The BORG courts conspiring with the BORG legislators are doing everything they can to turn every human being on the planet into a criminal that is of course, unless you are a BORG Agent.

BORG President Attacks Fourth Amendment

This overt willingness to destroy any possibility of privacy has been well established in the United States warrantless surveillance program.  BORG President Barack Obama, signed into “law” in January 2013, a five year extension of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) that allows for the monitoring of personal phone calls and emails as long as one of the communicants is outside the US.  There is also a huge mountain of evidence that all digital communications are tapped and recorded, maybe even monitored!

Obliviously, the BORG courts do not want to interfere with the BORG’s ability to gain access to all private and personal communications.  Now that the BORG can take your property, your DNA, the court has made it possible for the BORG to continue to destroy every other right to our own personal property.  What could be more personal that your own DNA?

Majority Opinion for the BORG is “Justice” Anthony Kennedy wrote that DNA sampling was merely a means of identifying a suspect, in the way that fingerprinting and photographing does, and claimed that when an officer makes an arrest supported by probable cause, taking a DNA swab was a “legitimate police booking procedure that is reasonable under the fourth amendment.”

In a carefully rehearsed “scathing dissent”, “Justice” Antonin Scalia removed the notion that DNA sampling was nothing more than an identification tool, saying it “taxes the credulity of the credulous” to suggest that it was not going to be used to attempt to solve other crimes.

While DNA samples are a useful tool for solving cold cases or exonerating the wrongfully accused, the concern shared by the minority dissent and civil liberties advocates is that using an individual’s DNA to investigate a crime when the state has no incriminating evidence against that individual represents a drastic overextension of the POLICE STATE. As the ACLU’s national legal director Stephen R Shapiro, said in a statement:

“The fourth amendment has long been understood to mean that the police cannot search for evidence of a crime – and all nine justices agreed that DNA testing is a search – without individualized suspicion. Today’s decision eliminates that crucial safeguard.”

As regards the future of our genetic privacy, it’s important to note that the law upheld by the US supreme court ruling in the Maryland v King case only allows for DNA to be taken from people who have been arrested and charged with a serious crime, and that this DNA can only be tested after a judge has found there to be probable cause that the person has committed a crime. The attorney Michael Risher who authored the ACLU’s amicus brief in that case points out, however, that other states’ laws and the federal government allow the police to take DNA from people arrested for much less serious crimes, such as drug possession or intentionally bouncing a check. These laws also allow the BORG to have that sample analyzed even if the person is never charged and when there is no incriminating evidence.

Genetic Privacy is Destroyed

The fear is that this recent decision has paved the way for these much broader laws that allow the violation of our fundamental rights to (genetic) privacy to be upheld also. As Scalia wrote in his dissent:

“Make no mistake about it: as an entirely predictable consequence of today’s decision, your DNA can be taken and entered into a national DNA database if you are ever arrested, rightly or wrongly, and for whatever reason.”

So much for the fourth amendment and the supposedly un-a-lienable right it memorializes to be secure in our “persons, houses, papers, and effects against unreasonable searches and seizures”?

Previous BORG supreme court rulings, say we can be stopped in the street and frisked by BORG agents  without probable cause for arrest. Our international phone calls and emails (and possibly our domestic ones) can be captured and recorded by the state. And now the BORG court has paved the way for our genetic blueprint to be made available to the government as well.

The BORG is a Parasite

We are facing a continuous attack by members of the BORG.  They will ALWAYS be justified, because the BORG courts are rubber stamping the actions of the BORG agents.  The BORG will continue to take more and  more of your freedoms until there is nothing left to take.  The BORG is a PARASITE and the parasite eventually kills the host.


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Comment by TL Winslow
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I wouldn't overreact to this decision about taking swabs. After all, they already get away with taking fingerprints, and if they really want your DNA they can follow you around or inspect the cell after you've left and pick up hair, dead skin, snot, urine, excrement etc. Or during arrest the cops can stick a swab in any orifice and you can't stop it. Actually they can already get away with brutally beating you, leaving pools of blood everywhere. Remember the story of Thomas Aquinas, how after the Norman nights dashed his brains out the local yokels ran into the church and mopped up the blood and brains, then went home and claimed their wife was cured etc., creating an instant saint and making Canterbury the great tourist trap of England?

If you're worried about DNA, face it, one day they'll take DNA samples of every infant born in a hospital or admitted to school, and eventually everybody's complete genome will be publicly available on the Internet. Maybe it's an advance of some kind once somebody figures out how we can make money from it. At least there will be no problemo with identifying illegal aliens :) Maybe this shows that One World Govt. is inevitable, with the genome being a universal ID. It all depends on what kind of OWG we get.


Comment by jesus christ
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