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Someone has a sick sense of humor; I received a "hit list" for Congress

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Someone has a sick sense of humor; I received a "hit list" for 'gun controllers" in Congress

Names, home and office addresses and phone numbers.

emailer calls himself "Randy Weaver".

Talk about "federal entrapment"...

WARNING... Bad Guys Being Bad
----- Original Message ----- From: "Samuel Adams" <>
To: <?????@?????.???>
Sent: Tuesday, June 04, 2013 2:50 PM
Subject: Hitlist

Publisher: Here we go... AGAIN! The bottom line is this, periodically {usually when governments are desperate} political activists get a "Hitlist" that lists members of Congress. Members of Congress are then shown the emailed list before a vote on increasing the resources for 'The Empire'. I haven't checked but something is up in Washington, D.C. {the UN Small Arms Treaty comes to mind}.

A close friend of mine wondered if he was the only one that I knew that got this email of all of the members of Congress' phone numbers, emails and home addresses {all public information BTW}.

He tried to forward the email to me a couple of times but it would only go through to my Gmail account ?????

I contemplated placing the list on the site as a reference but then I can't muster up enough give a damn to acknowledge their existence. "Mr. Hancock, what do you think of the US Congress?" ... I don't think of the US Congress :)
A quick search brought up the same sort of email effort that was mentioned on the web site and I'm glad to see that they didn't fall for the bait, and I suggest that you ignore the email as well... better yet, ignore government as much as possible.

We've passed through the 'Ignoring' & 'Laughing' at us phase so the Bad Guys want to go right into the 'Fight' us phase... well, I'm not going to help them.


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Comment by DelCartero
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Yeah, I got it, too. My thoughts about it were pretty much in line with Ernie's. It's either someone's idea of a joke - a really bad joke at that. Or the Gov. is trying to plant some pretty lame evidence on the computers of people they don't like. I just wonder if anyone can trace the origin of the silly thing. And how did they get our email addresses?

I think anyone who got it should sound off here in the comments.

Comment by Barry Hess
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I got the same e-mail.  A lot of data, but I'm glad you figured out who the 'only' ones that would have an interest in sending it were...