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Jordan Page Freedom Fest

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Jordan Page comes to the Arizona Freedom Fest and Plays his Rendition of Going to California by Led Zeppelin.
Jordan's version is called Going to Arizona.  Jordan Page Rocks!  I apologize for not bringing my trusty tripod.  I did my best though.  While at Freedom fest, it became clear to me that Jordan Page is the best musician I have ever heard.  Being he is the best he needs to have a triple Titanium single!  So you guessed it that is exactly what we are going to do.  You can choose to participate by forwarding this video and have it go Viral!  Dig?

I have to ask you being your reading this far, what is the difference between someone like Garth Brooks playing at the Oklahoma County Fair and Garth Brooks with a Triple Platinum Cd?  whew, I almost said record!  LOL.  The difference is PROMOTION.  That's it.  Well I know in the freedom Community, we have the best lists so lets do the movement that Ron Paul re-energized and lets Give it the Freedom Bump.  Ron Paul said in the revolution we would need Music and Dancing.  Jordan Page is that MUSIC! 

Anyone who listens to Jordan Page will realize he is a world class musician he is.  His music and his lyrics will change the world and you can take that to the BANK

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