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What happened to The Survival Blog???

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What happened to The Survival Blog???

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Comment by Jason G.
Entered on: is their direct ip address which still accesses the site. They are having server problems per their site quoted below... " Saturday, July 6, 2013

Notes from JWR:

Our main server is still down! Please helping to spread the word at preparedness forums and e-mail your friends to let them know that they can still access our temporary site:

We've omitted all graphics temporarily, to minimize the bandwidth needed. (This makes attacks less successful.)

My #2 Son hopes to have pointing to our backup server soon.  In the long run we will have to go back to maintaining three servers. This will be time-consuming and expensive"

Comment by Tyger
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Looks like it didn't survive. (It's registration is paid through 2015, so it's probably just a server issue that is causing the website to not show up.)