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Freedom Summit 2014 - Phoenix, Arizona. February 14th - 16th

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We are finalizing the contracts with the hotel now and will likely start sending out speaker contracts to the list below of people that have already provided us a verbal or emailed commitment for the event by the end of the month.
The only real variable left is the price for attending this 2.5 day event. We have been able to keep the cost below $250 for over a decade since 2001 but this may not be possible for 2014... just a warning. I'm wheeling and dealing as best I can.
We made every effort to provide a location that also included camping but that option hasn't been available along with a quality speaking environment. Buuuut, we have at least an acre of nice grass here at the farm and many activists that are willing to host some attendees.
This time of year in Arizona is peak and the lowest I can get them on the rooms is $139 per night... this is what is causing the delay in finalizing the contracts at our primary hotel selection so we are waiting until I get back from vacation July 15th to put ink to paper on one of the proposals.
But for certain...
- The dates will be 2014 Feb. 14th - 16th (a 3 day weekend)
- the Freedom Summit will be in the Valley of the Sun
- The speakers will be awesome (see list below)
- The venue will be very nice (as always)
- The LOV3olutionaries of Arizona will make you want to move here.
- We will also attempt to provide musical entertainment if the budget allows (Jordan Page comes to mind. He is willing but he's in high demand right now and he has done us enough favors over the years so we'll make sure he gets compensated for all that he does)
We are not ready to start hard promotion for the event just yet but now you know what I do. Those that attended past Freedom Summits know that it is well organized, it is comfortable, Everyone that wishes gets to interact with the speakers (lots of Q&A... it's in the speaker contracts :) and you come away wondering how we are able to put on such a fantastic program for so little money out of your pocket. "Summiteers" learn that by just attending they are full participants and there is an atmosphere that allows for networking and side events off the regular program. Vendors are never isolated and everyone shares in the event. Many excited volunteers help make your experience a pleasant memory and you are refreshed after the event.

Freedom Summit 2014 – February 14th-16th


Cody Wilson (3d Printing -

Larken Rose ('da Man)

Tim Frey (Precious Metals Broker and Freedom Activist)

Anthony Gregory (Independent Institute)

Will Grigg (Police State)

Richard Grove (Tragedy & Hope)

Charles Goyette ("Dollar Meltdown" - Co-Host "Ron Paul's America")

John Buttrick (Federal Judge)

John Bush – Catherine Bliesh (Blush Family Farm)

Marc Victor (Criminal Courts)

Ernest Hancock (FreedomsPhoenix)

Rosa Koire (Agenda 21)

Phraq Tamburri (PhoenixAID)

Greg Petersen (Urban Farm)

James Babb (Philly Activist)

Davi Barker (Bitcoins not Bombs)

(We always have additional panels and forums that may include invited guests not listed.... I don't know if it could be called a Freedom Summit without Butler and Jane Shaffer participating so there is always a chair for them :)

(Great Vendors -- Ham Radio info – Aquaponics - +++ )