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Ever wish we could get a little blunt honesty from the narcissistic megalomaniacs trying to rule the world? Then don't miss this one-of-a-kind happening, as Larken Rose candidly interviews some world-class tyrants. You won't believe your eyes and ears! (Nor should you.)
Larken Rose - A Chat with Sociopaths - PorcFest X

In a movement whose primary goal is to achieve a world without violence, many people shy away from any discussion of forcible resistance to state aggression. This talk will explain why dodging the topic is a big mistake -- and does a huge disservice to true peace and freedom.
Larken Rose - Why Speak of Violence? - Porcfest X

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Comment by Ed Price
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In the face of all this Larken Rose freedom advertising, and similar advertising being done by thousands of other people, what is Government going to do? The people are waking up. What will Government do?

Is government going to keep plunking along until there is a massive correction?

Are they prepared to formally fight the people in a massive, dictatorial, military-like Government takeover?

Is Government really in its death throes so that it doesn't have any other choice than to keep on doing what it is doing?

If Larken Rose and the people win, and Big Gov and Big Pharma and Big Banking fail, what will it really be like? And will we like it any better?

Comment by Stupid Amerkin
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 Marcus Tullius Cicero

There exists a law, not written down anywhere but inborn in our hearts; a law which comes to us not by training or custom or reading but by derivation and absorption and adoption from nature itself; a law which has come to us not from theory but from practice, not by instruction but by natural intuition. I refer to the law which lays it down that, if our lives are endangered by plots or violence or armed robbers or enemies, any and every method of protecting ourselves is morally right.

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