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Adam Kokesh: modern day Jesus Christ

Written by Subject: Adam vs The Man
Adam Kokesh: modern day Jesus Christ

2013-10-3 2:01:56 am Atomic time too. Been listening to Fall Out Boy Sugar We’re Going Down, several times and writing an important email to my mentor Cronus, contemplating exactly how I was going to write this and motivate as many people as possible.

We're going down, down in an earlier round
And Sugar, we're going down swinging
I'll be your number one with a bullet
A loaded god complex, cock it and pull it

Now, Madonna’s Immaculate Conception playing.  My second x wife turned me on to her among other things. What a great CD every song is a hit, just like the “One” cd by the Beatles. Or how ‘bout the first 2 Boston CD’s or in my day what were called “albums”.  Jesus Christ, they could triangulate me from that address and the start of the youtube. Quit telling them how to do it.   Some wacked out times we are in.  Somehow we all chose it, “‘cause we’re here, that’s a fact from Rome to Nome boy.”   Personally, I walk through the Valley of Shadow of Death fearing no evil.  And I know Neo does as well.  Not able to sleep thinking about my buddy, Neo. Locked up.  BORG agents got em.  Political prisoner.  Stood tall, didn’t run.  Crazy fucker, racks a shotgun in DC.  Of course they came to get him.  At least they didn’t black bag him.  Shit now Borderline is playing.

You know, Adam Kokesh is crazy, I personally know crazy, firsthand.  Doing time you meet some real cards.  You gotta respect him, he does what he says he is going to do, no Shit.  That’s the Craziest kind, does exactly what he says he says he is going to do. I live that way too.  I just don’t have the gigantic anodized gold plated uranium balls that Adam Kokesh has.  Racking a shotgun in Washington DC.  Are you freaking kidding me?  I just ain’t that nuts. J  When I do say I am going to do something, it motherphuking occurs, there are only 2 reasons I won’t come through:

1. I am Dead.
2. I am Arrested.

Neo is that kind of person.  It’s like what happens when the immovable object confronts the unstoppable force.  Didja ever think about that?  I know I did when I was doing time…solitary.  Tripping.  Haha! Figured out how big a cubic lightyear is, in cubic inches. How long is Trillion seconds in years by hand.  Keep in mind 12 zeros.  Anyone like to take a stab at that one?  Been asking that question since I got out of the joint myself in ’86.  Of all the people I have ever asked that question, my father, who passed from Alzheimer’s guessed the closest.  And he was way off.  Any takers? M-o-r-p-h-e-u-s(at)T-i-t-a-n-i-a-n-s dot Org hit me up. No cheating.

That was interesting, I watched my father, who was a master machinist, a guy who was so good for the last 10 years at his craft never scrapped a part in aerospace rework for god’s sakes.  He would be working on Frn$80,000 turbines with plus or minus .0001 in. and not ever scrap a part, without a standard computer.  He just used the one that was attached to his brain stem. This type of precision, is not only unheard of, many machinists would say impossible, over a 10 year period.  Of course that is all hearsay, that’s what he told me.  He told me it would give him migraines to ever scrapped a part.  He told me that one time the inspector told him his part failed, he went to the ac unit and noticed the temperature was off.  He readjusted the temperature to the correct temp and few hours later guess what… part passed.

I saw this guy, my dad, go from being this insanely gifted artist with a totally unforgiving substance: metal, one in particular he worked with was an alloy called Monel, very difficult to machine, has titanium in it. You know the same shit they make the SR-71 Blackbird out of. Ya know, the SR-71 Blackbird has the equivalent power of 80 locomotive engines to power that bad boy.  Top speed and ceiling even today…classified.   Horizon to horizon  at 80,000 in 3 minutes, damn that's stepping out!  To being transformed into this guy who didn’t even know my name, to forgetting how to eat and then how to breathe.  Take his last breath holding on to him.  That was really wacked out.  To dying form a disease that statistically men at 70 have a 1 in 2 chance of getting.  Yet we study Breast cancer!  Lol!

The perspective I gathered from that little trip is “we may not all be beautiful, however we all, unless we die from an accident, will end up like him, 90#, in a diaper, someone feeding us.”  Reality check, hope your coming home.  Hope is for idiots.  There is no Calvary, interesting choice that is where Ge-zeus was martyred.  The Calvary has to be sent out in order for them to come and save the day.  Here is the deal though, I am the Calvary, and you are the Calvary, and Neo is at the tip of the spear right now.  It’s only what you DO in life that matters.  Not what you hope for, what you DO. As Frodo would add at the end “God-damn-it”. Haha

These BORG agents think they are hang Neo to a tree and leave him there.  I for one am not going let that happen.  I told him brother; I got your back, anytime, anyplace, anywhere.  I don’t give a shit why, cause Neo is one of those guys who does EXACTLY what is says he is going to do.  He said “I was going to lead an armed march on Mordor on the Potomac on July 4, 2013” and guess what he even video taped it just to make sure the dumbass BORG agents would have to see it.  Right now 421,624 views

The BORG Main Stream media not a blip about Neo’s racking of the shotgun nor the arrest.  Well they said a little however, this is NEWS!  A seeming normal coherent war veteran, who marginally lost running for congress, had his own Russia today TV show, terrestrial radio show host, internet radio show host.  Plus, he is a badass sun of a bitch.  I wouldn’t want to tango with him and I have the distinct pleasure know him well, personally!

Haha, we ever were arrested together.  We were at the “border check point” between Arizona and California. These guys are so incompetent, they set up the “border” checkpoint Charlie 80 miles from the border of Mexico, these guys are insane!  I was able to hustle up a ride with Neo, Nick Barnett and Drew Phillips.  The BORG Border agents had the dogs sniff out the Mary Jane we also had in the car.  They ended up stealing what we had and a grinder that Neo had for years.  What a bunch of Cock suckers you are!  FUCK YOU, thieves!

It was really whacked out to hear Neo give a recant of the story.  Man it is Hysterical.  You got to hear him tell this one.  The really funny part is we were en route to Peymon Mottahedeh of Freedom Law School annual Freedom Conference.

At the event Neo is the keynote speaker and given the Freedom Award.  Neo tells the story really well.  How he had the privilege to be arrested such a strong group of “professionals” as he calls us each out of the audience by name.  He tells the story it is so freaking funny I am rolling around hearing him recant the tale.  It makes me smile even now and its 5:50:33 am.  They opened up the car and found a whole shitload of pocket constitutions and V-masks that I have been known to peddle.  It was so funny in retrospect that when we all get together one day soon it’s going to be mighty funny.

Ok can’t deal with “Like a Virgin” switching to Rush Different stages live -2  Roll the Bones for some inspiration.  I have accepted the task of writing an article to generate news coverage for Neo.  This article is the result of that request.  Roll the Bones!

We go out in the world and take our chances
Fate is just the weight of circumstances
That’s the way that lady luck dances
Roll the bones

So how am I going to put this big piece of shit together.  I don’t know how it ends, I do know how it begins.  Who’s with me?

Time for Yoga and Lucy, thank you Libertopia!

Back on Track, here we go, vertigo, video, vertigo, test for echo!

Follow me now, and I am not sure if this is the strategy is:  This is a Supreme Court case.  It’s really simple: they are sunk. Neo will take this all the way and then they have to admit the construction is suspended.  Ergo: the constitution and the bill of rights are in place or they are not. Period. Here is the Law

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