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4409 -- PROOF photo radar scam EPIC FAIL

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This news clip just proved that the intersection that were the most "dangerous" contained a photo radar camera for scamming people for allegedly red light running. Obviously it has neither stopped the red light running nor did it stop accidents.

People do not understand that the photo radar companies pay people off to lower the yellow light times thus lowering the drivers  reaction time so they slam on their brakes and end up rear ending people. This causes millions of dollars worth of damage and insurance costs.

It's been proven that if you just lengthen the yellow light time by 1.5 sec red light running drops to nearly 0%....but hey there is no  money in that :)
Remember people usually don't run red light on purpose. Think about that because you have inherent interest in living.
Most red light running that causes major crashes are done so by running it by accident. Handing someone a ticket after the crash does not stop the crash and i think the crash you were just in would be more of deterrent than the scam ticket :)

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Comment by John Redman (29333)
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The issue is NOT the cameras directly. One ought to be relating the accident incidence with yellow light length. OF COURSE we know that red light camera companies require that they be shortened in order to increase their profits. Be red light camera neutral, though, in looking at the accident rate and THEN go after the evil partnership that makes this happen. Does not the NTSB provide studies about these facts? On the other hand, WHO in their right (Agorist) mind has a license plate that can be traced?