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Try this 'Fiery Ernogg' for your New Year's Eve Celebration...

Written by Subject: Just For Fun!
We had some friends over last Friday evening for dinner to try out our new convection oven (having owned a pizza restaurant many years ago, we wanted to try making pizza and wings using the convection oven to see how it stacked up against how we used to make it in our restaurant - pretty darn good, by the way...).
We were looking for something different to drink. We had some leftover eggnog in the fridge and some cinnamon whiskey on the shelf, so we figured 'what the heck, we'll try it'. WOW - it was great. The ratio we found to be the best was 2/3rd's eggnog to 1/3rd cinnamon whiskey. Might be something you may want to try when you ring in the New Year :)

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