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Written by Subject: 3D Printing
Ernest Hancock is in Las Vegas, NV at the Annual Consumer Electronics Show, scouting out the latest technogadgets and technology....
Ernest will be posting pictures of the event (you can go to for all the current photos, or check out the photos below that are posted thruoughout the day). Stay tuned for updates...
January 9th, 2014 Cont'd... $500 85 microns PLA plastics (worried about fumes from abs plastics in homes with no safety concerns: $500—$1000: $1500 150 micron res:
3dprint under $2000 @ 3micron res

3d print face from sheets of paper:
3D printing with layers of white paper and color added and glued and each layer is cut. These are finished product from white paper sheets:

NCODEMA 3Doubting with any combo of material:

NCODEMAgroup Metal 3D printing StainlessSteel to Copper to Titanium etc:
Smartphone LaserPointer
Skydrop - cloud based watering of lawn
Nanofics hydrophobic circuit boards etc for a truly water proof Phone
Nanocoating Waterproof Technology:
Color T-Shirt Printer NEOFLEX: