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Dave Hodges - Where are you? (Publisher: Update Dave just called...)

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There is a very good reason for Dave's absence and he will explain live on his radio show next Sunday what is happening.

Bottomline: His reporting has resulted in his taking a step back for a moment to evaluate his options and will share fully when he returns. This is all that we can share right now.

8 Days and counting down.

Dave isn't returning messages. Emails have gone unanswered, His website is down and his voice mail is full. Dave is definitely a 'Tin Can' in the liberty community that we need to pay attention to. Lots of requests from readers... "Watup?"

Well Dave, We all hope everything is OK. I've done my best below to preserve for your supporters the content of your mind as best we can... just in case. I started getting emails and phone calls last night and woke up to a bunch more this morning. All of them asking about you.

Subscribers can email you via our server here (Note: Sending a note to Dave Hodges via our server will add your email to our free Email Dispatch of FreedomsPhoenix headlines. FYI - this method allows our writers to keep their emails unlisted and gives them the option of sharing their email openly with you only if they wish)

The above Graphic is just the latest entries by David so that our readers understand that we know why many might be concerned. Dave doesn't shy from saying what's what and this has inspired many inside the beast to share what they know with him.

Dave Hodges started writing for FreedomsPhoenix in the Summer of 2006 and went onto host his own radio show and develop his own web site that has provided very important information and a perspective valued by many thousands.

I did find an article from May 27th 2014 posted here: on RBN's site.

Dave's Original Content that has been fully entered onto our servers is here:

You can Search for entries on FreedomsPhoenix's own server search here:
or via a Google Search  thru our site here: FreedomsPhoenix/Google Search

(and a recent favorite from Feb. 2014 - - the graphics were served via your site and with it down the graphics are not displaying but you text content has been preserved)

The Graphic above shows Dave's most recent posts using our "Reference Links". This method of entry demonstrates the weakness in one of the options that Dave has chosen to use to maximize the use of his site. But this option has a very big downside that we all have just experienced (lesson to all Writers)
    Dave would enter a link to his columns on his site using an option that isn't promoted very much that Dave learned how to use on his own. The Reference Link option allows a writer to create a headline on FreedomsPhoenix and have it hyperlink directly to a chosen URL from the Front Page without the creation of a "Mid-Page" where additional content and options for Comments are stored for all of us to use. Many times David would would take the time to Paste his original Articles and Columns on FreedomsPhoenix and they would be stored in their entirety on our Servers (with several backups).

Dave Hodges is a good friend and a welcomed feature here on FreedomsPhoenix and any effort he made to keep us informed here is very appreciated so I didn't want to increase his burden sharing this valuable perspective. And I only point the weaknesses of posting information here on FreedomsPhoenix in this manner as a lesson for all of us.

Yes, I know that the Mid-Page between you and the online content is another step, but there was a reason. The RSS feeds and the Smartphone App and the 'foreverness' of FreedomsPhoenix is aided by the Mid-Page and the Original Content entry options here.

I am very glad that we already have so much of Dave Hodge's mind on our site and his video presentations at the Arizona Breakfast Club...

Dave Hodges has also been a regular guest on my radio show.