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Black vs White Bitcoins... (UPDATE Sat. July 26th 2014)

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(Saturday July 26th 2014 - I took some time to see what was behind the inclusion of cryto-currencies into world banking... interesting things have been happening over the last year and then in recent days and even hours.
"It won't happen all at once, but it will happen overnight"... and Monday is just a couple of days away. Peace, Ernie)

The original posting of my concerns are immediately below... the update has been added after.

Thursday July 24th 2014:

I'm getting nervous for these guys.

Cody Wilson and Amir Taaki are definitely the guys to talk to about Dark Wallet/Black "unapproved" Bitcoin use etc. but I'm taking the position that if you have to defend against state actions and decrees then you are in the wrong place doing the wrong thing.

Cody may be the PR contact and a great spokesperson for the Dark Wallet effort and its supporting philosophy but I'm getting the impression that Amir and others are the muscle behind the effort... and I'm certain there is a long line of other talented individuals ready to free the planet as well.

Government's laws are one thing and international banking regulations are another (lots of overlap), but I'm getting the impression that Banking trumps government, or at least there isn't a lot of lag time between desires of 'The Banks' and law/policy via whatever government is involved. Even small 'independent nations' are not as autonomous as is hoped.

So I need help understanding something that may be simple for some.
What is the area of international banking law to examine and the terminology used to discover the exposure that the advocates for a 'Dark Wallet' might be targeted with?

A Digital Hong Kong/Singapore/Panama/Dubai has the potential to rise from the ashes of abandoned Fiat Currencies... and this is a very large threat to the status quo.

Some of the most talented and useful individuals in cryptography (planet freeing stuff) are teeing themselves up for a driver to the head… IMO.

I can feel the IMF and World Bank and BIS and BRICS efforts et alia, moving chess pieces all over the world in response to cryptocurrencies and 'They/Them/Those' (that just won't leave us alone) have already made sure that they have a list of incarcerated individuals to use as helpful propaganda in their fear campaign to squash innovation.

The next highly publicized "rendition" will be surrounded around the issue of 'secret' accounts 'laundered' through Banks/Businesses/Casinos on small Caribbean/Indonesian/South Pacific island nations of _Fill in the Blank_.

Warning these young guys about these dangers has limited effect since these are the battles they intended to engage in.

I interviewed Jeffery Tucker and Paul Snow today and the Bitcoin Community is definitely splitting on the continued promotion of Bitcoin. Regulations requiring 'Compliance Officers' are supported by the Bitcoin start ups that have compliance officers (shocking) and this revolutionary tech will easily turn into the Cashless Society (please do your own search) we've been threatened with for so long. And the younger idealistic activist and advocates in the Liberty Movement don't even know what we are concerned about. 

Some states, like Texas, will put up a token resistance for a limited time but we know where this ends,… and any country's (or US State's) resistance to getting in line with the Global Regulators will be short lived. I do understand that the technology itself is the threat, and so do governments/banks. This is why I'm reminded of all the rhetoric around the initial release of PGP in the early 90's. Crypto-Tech may even be determined to be illegal by Executive We Rule You Decree via the crown of the international consortium of 'We Can'. In fact, this was the position taken by the USG regarding PGP.  As early as 1987 we understood what was really the issue...
From Crossbows To Cryptography

Many of our activist friends are already planning a very public exit from Bitcoin promotions (Maidsafe Safecoins just became a lot more valuable… we'll see if that tech is allowed… coming soon).

Precious Metal dealers are already creating new campaigns that promote Silver as the Real Bitcoin Cold Storage etc. and many others will follow (the Silver Calculator App just got more valuable too).

When Gerald Celente got nailed by MF Global I asked for some help understanding what happened and Charles Goyette provided me a single word that he said would provide me all of the understanding I needed… "rehypothecation". From that single word I was able to quickly understand what happened and warn others not to put themselves into a situation that Gerald 'Totally Agreed' to.

NYDFS released its CryptoCurrency Regulation Press Release (on Reddit ???) and the price of Bitcoin didn't move, Dell Computer announces it's starting to take Bitcoin… nothing. "Stability" of Bitcoin had been an important issue in the minds of those hoping to regulate it and it seems that a steady price is what we're getting.... makes you go Hummmmm.

Soooo, I am willing to speculate a bit more. Not only will governments wrap their arms and legs around a regulated Bitcoin/CryptoCurrency, they will make alternatives illegal. Legal Tender Laws just went digital. And your Local Bitcoin exchange at the local diner just got riskier.

A BitLicense will soon be followed by, or morphed into, an Internet License. Heck, try to get an email now anonymously. And if you are successful getting an anonymous email account, don't be fooled into thinking that you can keep it secret.

So I'm asking for a little help...

I am of the opinion that competing central banks around the world have a common enemy... it's us. Individuals seeking the ability to trade and communicate with each other regardless of geography are the threat. Fear and intimidation are the mind killers and we are in for a mind killing spree that will Not go unnoticed.

I'm of the opinion that "End the Fed" style efforts are a waste of time and all I want to do is 'Ignore the Fed & Friends'.

But all my experiences have set off my 'Spidey Senses' and I feel the need to warn those advocating for a direct head to head battle with the Central Banks of the likelihood that this is the battle they desire.

If anyone can point me to International Banking agreements that require all 'member' banks/countries to adopt regulations regarding new currencies, that would be a great help. Even the terminology used to search for such things would be a help.

In the meantime I advocate for not engaging with The State if at all possible. And with Crypto... it's possible.



Friday July 25th 2014:
07-25-14-- Daniel Larimer, BitShares - Cody Wilson, Dark Wallet Bitcoin (MP3 & VIDEO+BONUS LOADED)


Saturday July 26th 2014 UPDATE...

Cui bono ("with benefit to whom?") Wikipedia
"It is a Latin adage that is used either to suggest a hidden motive or to indicate that the party responsible for something may not be who it appears at first to be.

I suspect that you want names and entities and addresses etc. But then what? The problem is us. We are soooo dependent on systems and variations of systems that we have forgotten how to trade and barter with one another to the point that we can't even feed ourselves. We are seen as livestock on a planetary feed lot and there is little need, and absolutely No desire, to include us in the negotiations for our slaughter... FYI

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Economy - Economics USA
Prepare for This Seismic Currency Shift (and Profit)
07-26-2014  • 
Major new laws like FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act) and a growing acceptance by major governments of a digital currency, like Bitcoin, are simply setting the stage. (Stage setting for...)...

"You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it's an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before." -Rahm Emanuel

That, I'm afraid, is exactly what will happen when (not if) the next major economic crisis hits. I'd even venture to guess it's Rule No. 1 in the "central planners" rulebook.

Major new laws like FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act) and a growing acceptance by major governments of a digital currency, like Bitcoin, are simply setting the stage. (check out the Bitcoin hyperlink for some additional perspective)

The ultimate goal is to establish and roll out a single, planetary currency regime. There will, quite simply, be no alternative available.

It's all about control.


What represents the Hub of global finance?

Where is it that ALL major banking interests go for permission/absolution?
What Has Government Done to Our Money - Murray Rothbard
6. Phase VI:
The Unraveling of Bretton Woods,
1968 –1971
     Along with this, the United States pushed hard
for the new launching of a new kind of world paper
reserve, Special Drawing Rights (SDRs), which it was
hoped would eventually replace gold altogether and
serve as a new world paper currency to be issued by
a future World Reserve Bank; if such a system were
ever established, then the United States could inflate
unchecked forevermore, in collaboration with other
world governments (the only limit would then be the
disastrous one of a worldwide runaway inflation and the
crackup of the world paper currency). But the SDRs,
combatted intensely as they have been by Western
Europe and the "hard-money" countries, have so far
been only a small supplement to American and other
currency reserves.

All pro-paper economists, from Keynesians to
Friedmanites, were now confident that gold would
disappear from the international monetary system; cut
off from its "support" by the dollar, these economists
all confidently predicted, the free-market gold price
would soon fall below $35 an ounce, and even down
to the estimated "industrial" nonmonetary gold price
of $10 an ounce. Instead, the free price of gold, never
below $35, had been steadily above $35, and by early
1973 had climbed to around $125 an ounce, a figure
that no pro-paper economist would have thought pos-
sible as recently as a year earlier.

Far from establishing a permanent new monetary
system, the two-tier gold market only bought a few
years of time; American inflation and deficits contin-
ued. Eurodollars accumulated rapidly, gold continued
to flow outward, and the higher free-market price
of gold simply revealed the accelerated loss of world
confidence in the dollar. The two-tier system moved
rapidly toward crisis—and to the final dissolution of
Bretton Woods. - Murray Rothbard (Last reprinted in 1978)

We are starting to learn about new and old institutions and entities but what are their functions, and why are they there, and whose interests do they serve? Oh, and am I and my loved ones obligated in some way to do as they demand?

Central Banking - Fractional Reserve Banking - Bank of International Settlements - World Bank - International Monetary Fund - Special Drawing Rights - Regional Currencies - "Local" currencies all have ONE THING IN COMMON. They will Not accept a 'People's currency' that can not be taxed. And now a new criteria is to be added, Fully Traceable.   

I finally had a couple of hours to just sit down and follow the power (money's just one of the side effects).

The power of "Can".

Can they?

How can they (they/them/those that just won't leave us alone) Socially and Economically engineer us into a role that benefits... not us as individuals? How did we become Slaves?

Bottomline: By using their money. The rest is just a mop up operation.

I'll skip to the end...

Bitcoin represents another Country/Block/Region/Group of individuals that were as yet without a nose ring to be lead by. Stories about how Bitcoin would free humanity and finally allow us to fire up the Agora (a truly free market) were certain to be followed by proclamations reminding us that we were slaves, and even high profile individuals and entities inside the Bitcoin community not only acknowledged this, they'd help make it so.

My effort this passed week wasn't to determine IF Bitcoin would be turned into a Global Cashless Society tool, I was interested in by Whom/What. Force and the threat of force is always the How.

CrytoTech in general has always been a great threat to the ruling of the masses and CrytoCurrencies were demonstrating to be a major problem to global governance.

And Crypto-Services are quickly evolving into a replacement for government services (Examples: BitShares & Ethereum)

So as the Global Domination of the USD started to show signs of its demise, what would be its replacement? The "Amero"?..., just another regional currency represented by North America's population and interests. Hell, even little 'ol me knew this was just a distraction on the way to the 'Worldo'. But what the heck would a 'Worldo' currency look like.

And this is how you will know. How will Bitcoin be brought to heel, and by who/what?

FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act) is just another arrow in the quiver of the Archer... I want to know more about the Archer/s.

News Link  • 
WAR: About that War
Obama's dumbest move to date… seizing a foreign bank?? (Cyprus, Rich Russians Wealth)
07-26-2014  •  Sovereign Man 
Welcome to warfare in the 21st century. It's not about battleships and ground troops anymore. This time the adversaries are battling each other using what ultimately affects everyone: money. (Oh, It's ON!)

(The latest news/spin on the story)

As I read the accounts I get the impression that the Cyprus Central Bank took over the bank where many of the Russian Wealthy kept their money. This takeover was prompted by a USG claim of money laundering by the bank. When a politically favored bank is convicted of such things here in the United States (or anywhere for that matter) it's a slap on the wrist and a fine.

Even France gets slapped hard if it does something the USG doesn't like...
News Link  • 
Economy - International
BNP Near Settlement With U.S. for Up to $9 Billion
07-26-2014  • 
The U.S. has been investigating European banks regarding sanctions violations for more than five years and still has several cases outstanding. A penalty close to $9 billion for BNP would be the largest by far for violating U.S. sanctions.

This sort of Social and Economic Engineering parallels the relationship we see between law enforcement and the Southern Poverty Law Center's reports on politically targeted individuals and organizations here in America, and the result?,... a SWAT raid and crafted headlines.

Over the last year we heard a lot about the BRICS (Brasil - Russia - India - China - South Africa) combining efforts to...    ahhhhh, combining how, and with who/what and the all important WHY?

BRIC to discuss IMF SDRs use as global unit-Russia (April 2010)
  The leaders of Brazil, Russia, India and China will discuss the possibility of using IMF special drawing rights (SDRs) as global currency at a summit in Brasilia this month, Kremlin's top economic aide said. "As for the IMF SDRs, a global currency, we will discuss that at the BRIC summit and at the IMF," Arkady Dvorkovich told a news conference.

"We continue to think that this instrument has good potential, although our G8- partners have not agreed with this yet..." (Reuters)

Over 4 years after this mention in April of 2010 we are reminded...

BRICS Still Seek SDR Solution  July 16, 2014
As detailed in the last post, BRICS and the Bank for International Settlements, the BRICS countries have established the New Development Bank and Contingent Reserve Arrangement (CRA) to be centered around the United Nations for "systemic legitimacy", the same as was facilitated in 1944.

Both of these BRICS institutions are meant to facilitate the global processes of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.  The official announcement from the BRICS themselves confirms this:

"We are pleased to announce the signing of the Treaty for the establishment of the BRICS Contingent Reserve Arrangement (CRA) with an initial size of US$ 100 billion.

This arrangement will have a positive precautionary effect, help countries forestall short-term liquidity pressures, promote further BRICS cooperation, strengthen the global financial safety net and complement existing international arrangements…"

The phrase "complement existing international arrangements" does not imply competition with or overthrow of the existing system.  Complement strongly implies working together on common goals and initiatives.

As this process plays out it will become increasingly obvious that all of the competing Gangs, with and without flags, will combine in their effort to feed themselves off of the efforts of 7 billion individuals, and Bitcoin is seen as just another "regional" currency to be assimilated. And much more than that, it provides an easy banking solution for the billions of unBanked individuals.

How many 100's of Millions (or even billions for all I know) are forbidden by law and/or culture from even having a bank account? Muslim women in many areas of the world come to mind. What about anyone under the age of 18? There is a very large market out there left untapped and Bitcoin is/was a ready alternative.

Bitcoin will be assimilated into the current World Banking system much the same way and for many of the same reasons high tech companies and their APPs become part of Facebook and Google.

There are efforts against such actions (Dark Wallet) but I'm not looking to fight the Slavers, I hope to ignore them. And I am doing my best to demonstrate that there is a really significant market for a solution to Global Slavery. Until then, I'm learning to feed myself and all I love.

A Bitcoin symbol has been added to the graphic below in the minds of the 'bankers'.

Some other interesting reading for the weekend I came across in my surfing...


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Comment by PureTrust
Entered on:
Wow! There's a lot to be said about this. Thanks for the article, Ernie.

Basically, the whole banking system is about stealing anything and everything from everybody, stealing by the few that control the banking system.

This kind of thing has been going on since Cain killed his brother Abel, with the idea that he could somehow take over the approval God gave Abel by removing him.

The banking system, along with the governments of the world, and the people of the world who support the banking system, is all described as Babylon, in Revelation, chapters 17 and 18, in the New Testament of the Bible. Babylon, and those who support her, will fall suddenly, "in one hour." Will Bitcoin have anything to do with it? There is evidence in the Revelation that the little people of the world will have something to do with it. That could mean Bitcoin.

But, check out what is coming. It isn't all good, the fall of the banking system, that is. Though we will have a certain amount of relief, worldwide unity is something that will NEVER be achieved. People will simply NOT work peacefully together, even if the militant leaders disappear off the scene (for lack of funds). People are simply too different nation to nation to work well together.

The most important thing that we can do is to prepare ourselves and those around us for the next life.

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