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Dr. Steinmetz Update

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Hi all.  In case you are following this story about my client, who brought his AR-15 rifle to the Starbucks at Sky Harbor airport, I have included some links:

Here is one story about the press conference we held on Monday at the law firm.  Every local television station, some radio stations, the Arizona Republic and the New Times were all present:

Here is a short radio interview I did with my friend Jim Sharpe on 550 KFYI radio yesterday morning:

This video of an interview with my friend Mark Curtis on channel 12 has gone crazy.  Almost 7000 views in a few days:

I actually wrote my first "tweet" yesterday.  Here is the text of my "tweet"

I'm wondering today why more Americans don't seem to care about their freedoms.  Freedom isn't about the right to do whatever is popular or whatever other people like to do.  Freedom is about living your life like YOU want to do so long as you are peaceful.  In the First Amendment context, we recognize unpopular speech as still worthy of protection.  Even when racist idiots spew their hateful views, we support their right to do so.  Even though I would prefer to argue with them, I would readily defend the rights of such people to air their views.  In the Fourth Amendment context, I routinely defend the rights of everyone to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures by attempting to suppress evidence even when truly bad guys would benefit.  Most people recognize that even people accused of the most vile crimes are entitled to Due Process nonetheless.  This is the price of freedom, and we need to be willing to pay it or we will continue to lose our freedoms.  Freedom is always protected at the edge.  That Dr. Steinmetz did something many people disagree with is irrelevant to a discussion about freedom.  That he was legally entitled to bring his AR-15 to the unsecured section of the airport, that he was entirely peaceful at all times, that he did so as a political statement about our rights generally and the Second Amendment is what matters to a discussion about freedom in America.  We need more political activists in our country who are willing to peacefully and lawfully exercise their rights; even when it is unpopular to do so. 

Have a great day!