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Glenn Beck Asks Facebook Who the Person of the Year Should Be, You'll Never Guess the Winner

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Lily Dane
Activist Post

Glenn Beck, political commentator and owner of The Blaze, posted this question on his official Facebook page today:

Who is your pick for Person of the Year? Post your pick in the comments. We'll reveal the winner tomorrow.

The responses are varied, but there is a clear winner, and I'm willing to bet my life savings that Beck didn't see this coming.

As of the time of this writing, Beck posted that question 7 hours ago. So far, there are 2,256 comments, 572 likes, and 81 shares.

Who is getting the most votes so far?

*Drumroll please*

Most of those 2,256 comments are votes for Larken Rose, an anarchist writer who is well-known for challenging the IRS over the federal tax liability of citizens.


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