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Poroshenko: Declaring Peace, Waging War

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Poroshenko: Declaring Peace, Waging War

by Stephen Lendman

US-appointed, he serves at the pleasure of his puppet masters.

He's a convenient stooge - easily replaced if no longer serving US interests. In September 2014, he straightaway breached Minsk ceasefire terms.

On February 12, he agreed to Minsk II peacemaking measures. Terms include:

ceasefire effective midnight February 15;

withdrawal of heavy weapons from front line positions;

granting Donbass autonomous special status self-rule; 

ending economic blockade;

Ukrainian constitutional reform;

other provisions relating to monitoring, border control, prisoner exchanges, amnesty and safe access for humanitarian aid.

Poroshenko breached virtually everything he agreed to. On orders from Washington, he's gone all-out to sabotage Minsk.

Low-intensity fighting continues - heading toward exploding full-blown at Obama's discretion.

On March 21, Poroshenko lied to Ukrainians on national television.

While his forces continue shelling Donbass, he claimed "firm hope for peace exists."

"And I as the Ukrainian president and Ukraine as a state are doing our best to ensure the restoration of peace," he blustered. 

"But we are also readying ourselves to defend the state. We are not daydreamers, and we are doing everything if, God forbid, there is active offensive action against Ukraine, we could repeal the enemy with all the force and defeat it."

He deliberately turned truth on its head claiming he's "strictly and consistently implement(ing)" Minsk terms.

While his military forces shell Donbass multiple times daily, he lied saying "we ceased fire."

While failing to withdraw heavy weapons as stipulated, he said "we withdrew" them.

While obstructing OSCE monitoring, he claimed he "ensured (their) active work."

He ludicrously said he "check(ed) the implementation of" Minsk terms to be sure they're enforced.

Donetsk People's Republic (DPR) military spokesman Eduard Basurin issued a statement, saying multiple daily Kiev ceasefire violations continue. 

Explaining "(f)or the first time (since February 15), violations are noted along the whole demarcation line: Dokuchayevsk, Granitnoye, Logvinovo." 

"The Ukrainian forces are concentrated most of all in the area of Donetsk and Mariupol."

Nazi infested Azov fighters are "equipped with a new battery, which uses the tactic of maneuverable military action, shells our areas, and then changes its location in order to not be seen by the OSCE." 

"The Ukrainian military is reinforced by new weapons and also with personnel." 

"Mostly these are conscripts, who were deceptively sent into Donbass." 

"We also noted the additional equipping and relocation of vehicles, reinforcements, and mining of the objects."

In other words, ceasefire is pure fantasy. Kiev shelling continues. It's intensifying headed toward resuming full-scale war.

Illegitimate US appointed prime minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk said Kiev's "goal is to regain control of Donetsk and Lugansk."

It'll never grant local autonomous self-rule, permit democratic elections, or let area residents be free from the scourge of fascism.

The Colonel Cassad web site said humanitarian workers returning from Donetsk reported "artillery and 'Grads' actively engaged in the area of Peski and Avdeyevka." 

Shelling "could be heard in the center of the city. At Shirokino, there's fighting going on non-stop for several days…" 

Self-defense "forces had up to 50" killed or wounded. Junta casualties numbered around 70. 

Its "artillery is very strongly engaged. (It's) deploying pontoons for crossing Seversky Donetsk and is pulling vehicles towards the supposed locations of crossing." 

"Overall, to the question of 'When?' almost all militia fighters and those who have to do with them reply 'Soon.' "

Russia "openly and without excuses accused the junta of violating the Minsk agreements. So, overall, we continue to wait for that which is imminent" - resumed full-scale war.

On Saturday, Russia's Foreign Ministry accused Kiev of "rudely" breaching Minsk.

Video evidence shows "statements by the Ukrainian authorities that all heavy weapons had been pulled out once again turn(ed) out to be a bluff."

Lavrov said Minsk won't be rewritten. He accused Kiev of blatant violations. 

He urged Germany and France to act against what he called a "glaring breach of the first steps of the Minsk package."

Kiev violated its terms before the ink was dry. Poroshenko has no intention of observing what he agreed to.

Washington won't tolerate peace. It's sabotaging Minsk. It's unclear how Merkel and Hollande will react to US policy.

On the one hand, they want greater European war avoided. On the other, they're US-dominated core NATO members.

Washington calls the shots. Will Merkel and Hollande choose war or peace? 

Will they continue hostile relations with Moscow or seek rapprochement? Will they do the right or wrong thing? Humanity's fate hangs in the balance.

A Final Comment

A previous article discussed Kiev junta war crimes - including use of banned weapons, murdering civilians, horrendous atrocities and torturing prisoners.

On March 22, Russia Insider published an "exclusive interview (with) French entrepreneur and long-time resident of Ukraine, Thierry Pellet."

He described horrific treatment at the hands of Ukraine's Security Service (SBU) and Nazi-infested Right Sector.

He spent nine years in Ukraine. In Dnipropretrovsk last month, "five armed men detained him on suspicion of 'terrorism.' "

Beatings left him seriously injured. A damaged spine requires "very serious injection treatment (causing) pain with no release," he said.

He's appalled at conditions in Ukraine today. Political and economic instability and disorder make another Maidan uprising perhaps likely, he said. If erupts, it'll be much bloodier than last year, he believes.

He calls what's ongoing unacceptable. He accused Kiev of instigating state terror.

It's dangerous for anyone supporting democratic freedoms. Imprisonment, torture or death await them.

Today's Ukraine reflects US-installed fascist viciousness. Its scourge may set the continent ablaze.

Obama bears full responsibility. Rogue EU partners share it. Russia continues going all-out for peaceful conflict resolution.

Washington sabotages its best efforts. Is it too late to stop WW III?

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 

His new book as editor and contributor is titled "Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III."

Visit his blog site at 

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