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Update on the Bundy Ranch

Written by Subject: Property Rights


Thank you for everyone who has supported up to this time (especially those that took that 12.5 hour bus ride from Arizona). We have had great success and feel that AB408 has a good chance of going to the floor. We had a great showing for the rally and the hearing was standing room only with the overflow rooms standing room only as well. There was more media at the hearing than many could ever remember being at a hearing before. It was a success in every way in getting the word out.  

Here is a link to a media interview:

Our lands and resources are being locked up by the federal government, they can not be trusted to manage these lands. Their intent is to remove the users from the land including the general public. Once the users are no longer able to benefit from the land they will not fight for it and these agencies will be able to fully claim it for their own benefit. They will be able to control the resources and therefore control the people. Call me a radicle, but I believe this is the number one concern in America today. If we lose the use of the resources then we lose the power to live without permission from someone else.

Thank you for everything you have done and are doing.

Ammon Bundy

"Act or be acted upon"