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What authority are they acting on?

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Comment by Ed Price
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The committee members sent by the respective colonies were acting without authority by creating something new. Because of this, if the colonies had not accepted it later, it would have meant nothing. In fact, it was only after the Bill of Rights was added that the colonies DID accept it.

It's like if you were hired on to do a specific job for your employer, but you did a different job instead, does your employer have to accept what you did? Maybe he doesn't even have to pay you.

Even though the framers of the new Constitution had to defend their document to get it accepted, doesn't mean that it had to be accepted by the colonies (states). The fact that it WAS accepted, shows that the people felt that it was worthy.

Now, it's time we stop downplaying it, and start recognizing it for what it is. It is a document that gives the individual power over the government in every way. It's up to us to learn how to use it, and then to use it for our benefit, rather than letting other people use it against us.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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It should be pointed out that the committees sent by the respective colonies (states) was supposed to propose amendments to the Articles of Confederation, not create a central government over the states.

The fact that the supporters of the new CONstitution had to defend their document anonymously as Publius, fearing death from their fellow man for treachery, says much.

Comment by Ed Price
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Unfortunately, there will always be those who will want governing. When they obey their leaders, and attack those who need no government, their strength will overcome those who have no government.

The answer is to have a government that you control without it having any control over you. This is the form of government that the Constitution created. The reason that we don't see individuals overcoming the Constitutional government is, the people haven't been trained thusly. The reason that they haven't been trained is, at the time the Constitution and government were set in place, the people needed strength of central government to fight King George.

King George has been long gone. But the people have forgotten how to use their government to stand up against it. Start learning by listening to the audios here

Comment by Ed Martin
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The "people" never gave the "government" any authority. The "government" pretended that they were given authority. The "Constitution" = central planning. Central planning does not work. Rid yourselves of it. You want power over your adversaries? Expose and ostracize.

Comment by Ed Price
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Herein lies your problem. The federal government never acts on anything. But as long as you think it does, you will be thwarted.

If the federal government doesn't act on anything, then who or what does? It is people who are acting. And if they use their governmental authority to harm you, they are acting criminally - or at least negligently - and not within their authority.

If you don't get it into your head that you need to personally go after PEOPLE, then you will never be assured of having success when fighting government.

File a common law claim against the man/woman who harms you. If you can't find out who that man/woman is because they won't tell you, then file the claim against those who won't tell you. Someone is harming you or damaging your property. Not only should he stop, but he should repay you for the damage already done.

Government can't do this. Government is just organizational paperwork. Paperwork never jumps up and does anything. It can't even hold a pen to sign itself into law. Only people can do things to people. And if it is people who harm you, why shouldn't they pay?

Go after the man or the woman, not the government. Start by changing your attitude about the whole thing, right in the way you talk and write articles for Freedom's Phoenix.