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Worse, we're living inside of a surveillance state that is morphing into something truly, truly evil.FutureCommandeered

I'm here to tell you that nearly all of this is artificial. We have more than enough technology to be living among the stars, to fill every hungry mouth on the planet, and to meet nearly every human need.

We already know how to do all those things… and this fact is demonstrably true.

And yet we sit immersed in fear, confusion, privation, and even hate. And why? Mainly because the elites of our civilization have demanded that we sacrifice our wills to theirs, and because most of us have silently complied.

We have space-age knowledge, yet we remain firmly under the domination of bronze-age rulership. And since these rulers would be wiped away by the spread of space-age technologies, they have carefully contained them.

"Thou Mayest Not Go There"

As I write this, we are at the end of the year 2015. Back in 1968 – almost two generations ago – men traveled to the moon. The next year, they landed there. This was well before microwaves, cell phones, and the Internet. It was even before personal calculators. But right there, space travel was stopped in its tracks. In fact, it was first pulled back and then stopped. No human has left Earth's gravity since 1972.

Have we more technology than we did in 1968 – 47 years ago – or have we less?

Obviously we have far more and far better, but space technology has been commandeered and space has been locked shut. Our future has simply been cut off. Does any reasonable person believe that it would be harder to go to space now than it was before Kevlar and fiber optics and computers that didn't fill an entire room?

And let's be honest about this: That future was eliminated by the lords of our world because it would ruin their game. Letting the cows out of the barn would severely undercut their interests.

Many of you should be reading my posts as you sail among the stars, or at least among planets, moons, and asteroid belts. We have the technology… and we've have had it since the late 1960s. That's not even debatable.

Requiem for the Internet

Before the Internet, nearly all information was forced to move through well controlled conduits. Exceptions to that rule were mainly print newsletters. But then came the Internet, which allowed anyone to speak to everyone; it allowed information to move from individual to individual with no gatekeeper. That was a very large and very significant change.

To be honest about it, we got the Internet mainly because the elites screwed up. They could have bottled it up, but they simply failed. (They are not smarter than we are.) Sure, other people would have written an Internet-type of communications protocol soon enough, but that kind of slow rollout would have given the bosses time to limit the technology and keep some bottlenecks in place.

Now, after a couple of decades, the Internet has been substantially retaken by the elites. Already, nearly everything is being funneled into Google and Facebook, both of whom have whored themselves out to the rulers. (See this, for example.) It will probably be a matter of a few years until unapproved content starts to be pushed out. Matt Drudge, for example, claimed recently that a Supreme Court justice told him so personally.

Putting information back into controlled channels is massively in the interest of the rulers, and there is no one to oppose them. Their populations are among the most compliant in all of human history.

On top of that, the Internet is already a surveillance system, with the aforesaid Google and Facebook being major components of it. Since Snowden, that's not debatable either.

Worse, that surveillance system (that is, the Internet) is quickly being turned into the most effective manipulation system in all of human history. In other words, the Internet has been more than commandeered; it has been weaponized and turned against its users.

I could go on, but I won't: More facts won't change more minds. Opposition to these truths is psychological, not intellectual.

It's All About Will

We can have our future back, but only if we stop laying our minds and wills at the feet of rulers… rulers whom most of us acknowledge to be liars and thieves, by the way.

So long as we reflexively obey the people who stole our future, they will never, ever give it back. And why should they? That future isn't in their interests, and so long as everyone obeys them, why should they change?

In the end, it comes down to the issue of will: Do we believe that we have a right to live and act according to our own minds? Or do we simply evade such considerations?

The usual unexamined slogans ("We have to work through our democratic institutions.") merely lock us into place as will-less cogs in a hierarchy that hasn't changed in any of our lifetimes. Truthfully, it's just obscured slavery: "Pay attention to the flashing lights and keep doing as we say."

There are answers to all our problems, and we are more than capable of reclaiming our future. But that will never happen if we keep surrendering our wills to the same elites who took it from us.

Paul Rosenberg

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Comment by Dennis Treybil
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Consider the following excerpt from page 1 of Moby Dick, circa 1851: But these are all landsmen; of week days pent up in lath and plaster— tied to counters, nailed to benches, clinched to desks. Also, consider this excerpt from Arthur C. Clarke's "Childhood's End" circa 1953 (aired in a 3-part series on the SyFy channel just last week): There was little work left of a routine, mechanical nature. Men’s minds were too valuable to waste on tasks that a few thousand transistors, some photo-electric cells, and a cubic meter of printed circuits could perform. Such was the possible future envisioned by Clarke, even in the 1950's. Ernest often complains, "Where is my flying car?!" Good point. My lament is, "Where's all the leisure time?!" (Oddly enough, leisure time is a human right according to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights - so much for anybody in power observing charters!) With the advent of petroleum and the electric motor, the hands of human individuals are freed of endless menial toil. Before these technologies (electric motor gained wide application in 1888 or so), 85% of people did something that a motor can do. They powered a rake, or a hoe, or a sewing machine - anybody besides me ever see a foot-powered sewing machine? Grandma pumped a peddle to power the thing while she sewed! So what are those supposedly freed-up hands doing instead? They're working in the war machine. And endless cycle of production and destruction, like a snake eating its own tail. This Merry-Go-'Round (maybe I should call it a Carousel to avoid the word "Merry") ride is at least predictable, and thus manageable. But progress is not possible. Progress toward what Rosenberg describes in the 2nd paragraph is not possible under these conditions: We have more than enough technology to be living among the stars, to fill every hungry mouth on the planet, and to meet nearly every human need. Fifty years ago, if you asked for directions in South Louisiana, the first words you'd hear were always, "You can't get there from here. First, you gotta' go over there . . ." So if you can't get to the future described by Rosenberg's 2nd paragraph, where do you gotta' go first?! DC Treybil

Comment by Esther Cook
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Now, Paul, dear, that is just a bit too pessimistic. We do indeed live in very dangerous times. Most people love war, there are environmental catastrophes looming from GMOs and poison-based agriculture (NOT from the possibility of a Climate Optimum) and some of the weapons I have read about...shudder! But there is also a new culture rising, strong hope of truly beating all the swords into plowshares (so to speak), and the end of aging. The first rejuvenations have already begun. It is assuredly The End of the Age. But the New Age could be a glorious wonder, if enuf of us choose that.

Comment by Ed Price
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The biggest reason why our future has been commandeered is, the devil tempted mankind into sin, and mankind fell for it, and is still falling for it today.

The second reason is that people are not accepting the fact that God created a way out through His Son Jesus, and the work Jesus did on the cross, and His Resurrection.

The third reason is that people will not stand up as men and women. Freedom's Phoenix has some people of strength behind it. And there are lots of other organizations that have people of strength behind them. Thy often lose, however. And this brings us to the 4th reason.

The fourth reason is that people are ignorant. Freedom's Phoenix may have people who stand up as men and women, but they often, at least allow the preaching of Government, without adding the preaching about understanding what Government is. Government is men and women. And there is nothing in all creation that allows men and women of Government stand up and harm any other men and women, if those being harmed stand up and DO their own Government.

If a Government is winning, and if we don't like the things it is doing, it's about time that we change it by using its own tactics, if necessary, to change it. This takes knowledge and understanding of the things that makes a strong Government strong. The thing that often makes our more righteous Government weak is lack of knowledge and understanding - ignorance

Comment by Jesse Porter
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A very profound article. I have been thinking and reading recently about certainty, especially scientific certainty. Most scientific certainty iis being based on agreement, not scientific research. Even in scientific research, observation and measurement, the foundational elements, it is becoming obvious to me, are based on assertions of 'experts', who depend on their students to accept their assertions as facts and tailor their (the studects') further research to the assertions they have accepted from their teachers. Social Science, including psychiachiatry and sociology, depend almost totally on opinions, gathered and manipulated in unscientific ways, in aparent disregard to the scientists' deeply flawed techniques. We are not only trained liars, we let ourselves be led by trained liars. We are taught from the cradle that there are no absolutes and there is no Absolute, and we are taught to live and act with that very absolute lie.

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