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Getting settled and back to regular media production

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February 1, 2015

You probably weren't born a freedom lover. In fact, most of you were probably so conditioned, that like me, when you first encountered the message of freedom, you resisted it! You only got to the point that you enjoy today because at some point, someone invested in getting the message to you. Now you have a chance to pay that forward.

As a freedom activist, I'm very happy to know that I have consistently provided the best bang for the buck in terms of waking people up, and I get better every day. As you may have heard, we are moving to Juniperwood, near Ash Fork, Arizona and building the first ever sapioponic house (including a studio!) as the centerpiece of our homestead. Being settled makes a lot possible!

As you may not know, supporting consistent, high-quality independent media production with YouTube revenue is no longer viable for independent producers like myself who the establishment wants to suppress. A couple years ago, our revenue per view was cut by about 2/3, and for a while, I managed a very frustrating and distracting sponsorship program, but I don't want to sell ads, I want to WAKE PEOPLE UP! So I shifted focus to our book, FREEDOM! (Have you read it yet?!? - Or listened to the free audiobook?!?)

Now that we're getting settled and setting up a studio space, I want to get back into regular media production, but this time, be accountable directly to you, not any corporation or sponsor. So with much urging, we've started a Patreon campaign and I'm very excited about this opportunity. Please go to our Patreon page and take a look at what we're planning on doing based on how much we can get in monthly pledges. Here's the page. Here's the pitch:




PS Today is my birthday. Don't give me anything personally. Please contribute to the Patreon campaign and give me the resources to keep giving back by spreading the message.

PPS Check out this video from last week if you haven't yet. You'll want to share it.

PPPS Our monthly contributors help us cover overhead like postage for more free books to eager would-be freedom lovers. Please become a monthly contributor to our 501(c)3 here today.


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