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Another Dead-on-Arrival US Proposed Israeli/Palestinian Peace Plan?

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Another Dead-on-Arrival US Proposed Israeli/Palestinian Peace Plan?

by Stephen Lendman

Not another phony peace plan, an insult to long-suffering Palestinians if proposed. Decades of worthless talks accomplished nothing.

Palestinians never had a legitimate peace partner, for sure not now with notorious Arab-hating Netanyahu and likeminded Zionist zealots running Israel - a fascist police state masquerading as democratic.

On March 7, The Wall Street Journal said US administration officials are "discussing plans to revive Middle East talks before Obama leaves office," including a Security Council resolution outlining conflict resolution steps - a worthless initiative if proposed and passed.

According to the Journal, Obama officials aim to offer "a blueprint for future Israeli-Palestinian talks…a bid to advance" administration efforts despite achieving nothing in over seven years.

The so-called peace process is the greatest hoax in modern times - ongoing on and off for decades, dead-on-arrival each time proposed.

Israel doesn't negotiate, compromise or yield anything. It demands, wanting unconditional Palestinian surrender. 

It rejects self-determination for long denied people. Its lunatic fringe hardliners say Palestine never existed.

Netanyahu earlier called the peace process "a waste of time." According to the Journal, "Obama is considering a range of possibilities."

Anything if proposed will be later this year. One scenario calls for the impossible - getting Israel to halt settlement construction and recognize East Jerusalem as Palestine's exclusive capital.

Palestinians would "be asked to recognize Israel as a Jewish state and end claims on a right of return for (its) refugees," according to the Journal.

The scenario endorses a two-state solution based on land swaps one-sidedly favoring Israel. It considers Jerusalem its exclusive capital. It controls over 60% of West Bank land, its most valued territory. 

Areas off-limits to Palestinians include settlements, state land, military zones, free-firing ones, nature reserves, national parks, territory for its Apartheid Wall, areas for Jews-only commercial and other development, checkpoints and other barriers.

According to the Journal, Obama's final annual General Assembly address this fall "could provide a platform for outlining a new approach."

After decades of futility, it's hard imagining what's new. Universally recognized Palestinian self-determination remains unachieved.

Washington one-sidedly favors Israel, ignoring Netanyahu's ongoing reign of terror, supporting his wars of aggression, silent about 1.8 million besieged Gazans.

Nothing in prospect suggests any hope for granting Palestinians fundamental rights they've been systematically denied for many decades. They remain isolated on their own like always.

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