Israel Investigating Breaking the Silence

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Israel Investigating Breaking the Silence

by Stephen Lendman

Breaking the Silence (BTS) is comprised of former IDF soldiers, committed to expose the harsh reality of life in Occupied Palestine, state-sponsored Israeli high crimes regime authorities want suppressed.

BTS publishes testimonies of soldiers based on their participation in military action, experiences "chang(ing) them immensely."

Netanyahu announced the organization is being investigated for allegedly publishing classified information, soldiers exposing war crimes Israel wants suppressed.

The group "crossed yet another red line," Netanyahu raged. "The defense establishment's investigative bodies are looking into the issue."

Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon said he ordered the IDF to look into whether classified information was revealed.

Organization executive director Yuli Novak said published testimonies don't violate military censorship guidelines - "the only body authorized to decide what can and cannot be published."

So-called classified information it's accused of making public was approved in full by military censors, she stressed.

Arab-hating Zionist zealots dominate Israel's Knesset. Netanyahu is a world-class thug. Investigating vital Breaking the Silence revelations aims to undermine the organization altogether.

Rogue states want their message alone reported, evidence of the high crimes suppressed. Israel commits media freedom violations virtually daily.

Palestinian reporters, photojournalists and other members of the press are regularly assaulted to suppress vital news and information about Israeli atrocities everyone has a right to know.

Bloggers and social media users must submit material to censors for screening before posting it. Failure is considered a crime, subject to prosecution and punishment. 

Anyone exposing Israeli high crimes risks arrest, imprisonment or assassination. Israel wants total information control, Big Brother surveillance like in America monitoring everything. 

Legitimate activities critical of regime policies are considered subversive, barely short of calling them espionage, individuals involved "terrorists."

Press and other forms of free expression are the most important of all rights. Without them, all others are threatened.

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