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Jerusalem Blast: Terrorism or False Flag?

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Jerusalem Blast: Terrorism or False Flag?

by Stephen Lendman

Israel has a long odious history of state terrorism, beginning before its 1948 creation, continuing to this day.

It's used to stoke fear, to justify unjustifiable regime high crimes against millions of defenseless Palestinians and other invented state enemies. 

It perpetuates the myth of Israel surrounded by hostile states, of Arabs as gun-toting/knife-wielding terrorists.

Israel and America are the world's leading sponsors of terrorism at home and abroad, the greatest threats to world peace.

On Monday, an explosive device detonated on an empty Jerusalem bus, injuring 21 in nearby bus and car, at least two seriously.

According to a police spokesman, "it appears that a bomb went off in the back of the bus, which caused injuries to passengers and the bus to catch fire. In addition, another bus and a private vehicle nearby were also damaged."

Jerusalem police chief Yoram Halevy said "(w)e are checking to find out where the explosive device came from and who placed it on the bus. We do not know of any specific warning about the bomb. All possibilities are being examined."

Netanyahu reacted as expected saying "(w)e will punish the terrorists behind the bus explosion in Jerusalem. Israel will put its hand on whoever prepared the bomb and sent the terrorists."

Arab Joint List MK Ayman Odeh denounced the attack, calling it "unacceptable and harmful to the struggle against the occupation."

He accused Netanyahu and coalition partner extremists of "fueling the cycle of bloodshed" instead of pursuing an equitable political settlement to the longstanding conflict.

No Palestinian group or individual took responsibility for the incident. A Hamas statement called it "a natural reaction to the Israeli crimes."

Islamic Jihad said it sent a "strong message." Other Palestinian resistance groups made similar comments.

Israel's long history of state terrorism raises strong suspicions about its possible responsibility for what happened.

Cui bono? Israel at the expense of Palestinians. Will the incident be used to justify harsher crackdowns? Will another Gaza war be launched?

Justice for Palestinians suffered another setback. They're automatically blamed for all violent incidents, the vast majority state sponsored.

State terrorism is official Israeli policy, Palestinians the eternal victims.

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