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Cruz and Kasich Concessions Clear Way for Trump's GOP Nomination

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Cruz and Kasich Concessions Clear Way for Trump's GOP Nomination

by Stephen Lendman

All the muscle and dirty tricks Republican party bosses and media scoundrels threw at Trump failed. Bashing made him stronger, emerging last man standing after Cruz and Kasich conceded.

His challenges include overcoming the anybody but Trump/dump Trump campaign, uniting Republicans behind him.

The New York Times said "many Republican leaders refrained from falling in line behind Mr. Trump, with dozens avoiding inquiries about where they stood or saying they wanted Mr. Trump to detail his policies or tone down his language first." 

"Others tied themselves in knots as they praised and criticized Mr. Trump in a single breath, or suggested that they could abide Mr. Trump but loathed his agenda."

Times editors bashed him relentlessly throughout his campaign, supporting war goddess, Wall Street favorite, scandal-ridden Hillary Clinton instead.

Calling Trump the "least prepared presidential candidate nominated by a major party in modern times," they mocked him, adding "the party of Lincoln (bears) the brand of Donald Trump."

Neocon Washington Post editors called "reboot(ing) him into an acceptable candidate inconceivable." His victory isn't "an encouraging portent."

"His nomination is a calamity for the Republican party," adding "he can be stopped, and he must be."

A same-day WaPo column called his triumph an "improbable coup," a hostile Republican party takeover.

Wall Street Journal editors denigrated him throughout his campaign, now saying he "wasn't our first choice, or even 15th, but the reality is that more GOP voters preferred him to the alternatives" - without explaining why.

They're fed up with a system excluding their rights and welfare. Believing Trump intends changing things is self-delusion. 

Journal editors are resigned to either Trump or Clinton succeeding Obama, saying they "have to make the best of that reality."

Reuters said "there was no mad dash to support (Trump) as is typically the case when a presumptive nominee is crowned."

Through their spokesmen, Bush I and II indicated they'll refrain from commenting on the race ahead. Jeb Bush dropped out of contention early despite strong party backing.

Months remain before party nominating conventions and November elections. America's duopoly party system assures fascist governance continuing unimpeded no matter who succeeds Obama.

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