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Jared E. Shafer Used Wells Fargo Trust Dept. As His Personal ATM

Written by Steve Miller Subject: Corruption

Guardians  withdrew funds with the full approval of Clark County Family Court Judges Charles Hoskin, William Voy, Art Ritchie, and Jon Norheim. This has resulted in a federal lawsuit against Shafer and officials at Wells Fargo.

According to court records, Wells Fargo trust officers gave Shafer and his cronies full unsupervised access to ward's trust accounts to make withdrawals whenever they needed cash while bank officials allegedly looked the other way.

The connection between Shafer, et. al. and Wells Fargo is expected to be the next big story regarding the embattled bank.

The following link contains documents obtained directly from Shafer's PFSN, Inc. office in Las Vegas that includes evidence presented to the court of Wells Fargo's complicity in guardianship fraud.



Jared Shafer And Wells Fargo Bank Sued For RICO


(Includes emails from Wells Fargo Trust officers involved in sham)

In Some Cases of Elder Abuse, Banks Facilitated Financial Exploitation:

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