Article Image Join the Stop the Steal training call tonight at 9pm EST

Join the Stop the Steal training call tonight at 9pm EST

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Stop The Steal Prevails Against Clinton Thugs

Courts Reject False Challenges Against Stop The Steal

With Americans becoming acquainted with the corrupt, crooked, and callous nature of the Clinton Political Machine, Bill & Hillary tried to stop our efforts to ensure a fair vote.

Since the start, we have made it clear that we will not allow the dark forces behind Hillary's campaign to engage in voter fraud and tampering.

As we gathered red-blooded Americans across the country to protect the voting process in their communities, the Clintons went to the court to try and stop us.

This type of legislating from the bench was shot down by the district court of appeals, who reversed two orders against Stop The Steal in Ohio and Arizona.

Now, we are preparing for Election Day and need your help.

Please make sure to sign back into your profile on Stop The Steal and get all the information and tips you need to be ready for this Tuesday, and agree to our terms of service. 

Try as they might, the Clintons cannot stop the sheer will of the American people.

They cannot stop you... unless you sit idly by and let them.

It's time to end the corrupt political system and send a clear message.

Together, we will #StopTheSteal!

Those who still have the capability and desire to conduct non-partisan exit polls with us need to join our conference call tonight at 9 pm EST. 

Dial in Number: (641) 715 0700, PIN: 693300. We will conduct a short call in which we will go over rules and guidelines for exit polling.

Please visit the Citizens Toolbox on for all of these resources!

In Victory,

Roger Stone

PS - We still have legal battles to fight in several other states before Election Day. Please donate to help us win these efforts and secure a fair vote for ALL AMERICA.

If you are signing into our system to do exit polls, please see the counties where help is especially needed below: 


Cutahoga, Franklin, Hamilton,


Pima County


Arapahoe, Jefferson, Larimer


Bexar, Harris, Jefferson


Broward, Hillsborough, Miami-Dade, Monroe, Palm Beach


Allegheny, Montgomery, Philadelphia


About Stop The Steal...


Stop the Steal is a coalition of Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, and Green Party members, supporters of Donald Trump, Governor Gary Johnson, Dr. Jill Stein and Sen. Bernie Sanders, as well as, Conservatives, Progressives and Independents. We all support an honest election.

Our goal is to conduct scientifically valid, methodologically sound exit polls outside certain targeted precinct polling places in eight swing states. We plan to then compare the reported voting machine total to the exit poll results in that targeted precinct.

Our goal is to identify potential computerized manipulation of the voter machines if it exists.

The US State Department (under Hillary Clinton) required not more than a 2% deviance between actual reported results and exit poll results in judging the integrity of foreign elections. All we ask is the same standard apply to the 2016 Presidential election.

We target precincts to include historically partisan areas as well as swing precincts and our methodology is no different than that used in the network consortium exit polls. We only seek a valid and accurate exit poll in which voter's participation is entirely voluntary.

We seek only to determine if the election is honestly and fairly conducted and to provide an evidentiary basis for a challenge to the election if that is not the case

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Stop the Steal Exit Poll Training & Information Call

Thank You! Please join today,

November 7th 2016

9pm EST

Dial-in Number : United States (641) 715 0700

Access Code : 693300

Help us to reveal the TRUTH! Be an Exit Poller!  Register Now!  Contact by email :

Will you help us prevent the THEFT of the 2016 Presidential election.This is our best chance to stop the Democrats from stealing the election from Donald Trump. Help us fight a rigged system.



Each volunteer shall conduct themselves in a professional manner and dress in business casual. Example: Polo like shirts with Khaki shorts or Khaki pants. Please do not bring any gear of your chosen candidate. This is a non-partisan effort only to obtain a good statistical variance of who won that particular district.

Everyone should bring their devices that will be using at their designated precinct to ensure Wi-Fi hot spot can be obtained. Please measure the distance from the door to designated area by using a measuring tape or count out using your feet and give extra length for those with smaller feet.

Tabulation of all data will be done automatically on the website.

We require that you do not speak with any press, if asked what you are doing, please respond with "we are private citizens conducting exit polling surveys", and nothing more.



You must not:

Speak (or encourage anyone else to speak )to any voter before he goes into a polling place, about ANYTHING, or who appears to be in line to vote or headed into a polling place.

Speak to ANYONE within 100 feet of the entrance to any polling place

Go inside a polling location for any reason other than to vote yourself, and when voting yourself and inside a polling place say or do anything not directly related to casting your own vote

Record by audio or video or any other method of sound or video reproduction the comments of anyone who has voted without that person's permission

Wear or display any badge, button, or clothing that promotes any political candidate or party

Photograph the conduct of voting at a polling place or record the conduct of voting, or of any voter in line to vote (no matter how far distant from a polling place) or who appears to be headed into a polling place to vote or who is within 100 feet of a polling place even if that person has already voted

Without regard to distance from a polling place, ask any person who has not yet voted their name, address or political affiliation or how that voter plans to mark his or her ballot

It is our goal to conduct a neutral, scientifically-based and methodically sound exit poll at certain targeted precincts for the purpose of preparing the exit poll actual