Anti-Trump Media Scoundrels Won't Quit

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Anti-Trump Media Scoundrels Won't Quit

by Stephen Lendman

He'll be inaugurated in January as America's 45th president whether opponents like it or not, including media scoundrels. 

They're responsible for the most deplorable one-sided political reporting in US history, relentlessly bashing Trump unfairly even after he triumphed, while ignoring Hillary's high crimes.

A loyal reader well versed on world and national issues emailed, saying "(w)e dodged a bullet on Tuesday. Whether one hates him or really, really hates him, Trump saved us from WWIII, IV, and V."

If Hillary triumphed and waged nuclear war on Russia, they'd be no WW IV or V. We'd all perish from immolation or painful radiation poisoning, not a pleasant way to die.

Thankfully, an emotionally unstable neocon lunatic won't succeed Obama. Trump won't likely wage nuclear war, relief for everyone everywhere - a reason to be grateful. Hillary's political demise delivered Christmas early this year.

Not for media scoundrels, displeased their favorite lost, not letting-up on Trump. NYT columnist Gail Collins deplorably savaged him unfairly throughout the campaign, on November 9 headlining "Ten-Step Program for Adjusting to President-Elect Trump."

Utter rubbish followed not fit to print, saying "(w)ell wow. We've got a president-elect who a great many Americans regard as the spawn of Satan. A dimwitted, meanspirited spawn embodying the nation's worst flaws, failings and nightmares."

Her "ten-step program" followed, anti-journalism, saying:

"1. Start with a night of heavy drinking.

2. Acknowledge that Donald Trump is not crazy…(W)e're trying to work with what we have here.

3. Trump has the attention span of a gnat…"

4. Trump has seemed pretty hands-off when it comes to international involvement…(H)e might…disappoint the Republican hawks.

5. (U)ntil fairly recently, Trump was a rather liberal Manhattanite (implying he's neanderthal-like and hardline now).

6. When it comes to big domestic policy questions, to Trump they're just applause lines or bargaining chips.

7. Don't let people tell you that the vote proves half the American population is racist.

8. We ought to give anybody a second chance, even if it's Donald Trump…Really, you do not want to be one of those people like…Trump's director of African-American outreach, who told a reporter on election night that when it came to enemies, 'Mr. Trump has a long memory and we're keeping a list.'

9. Try to think about some of the other election results on Tuesday that were more positive.

10. At Thanksgiving, if your family keeps trying to trade Trump insults, redirect the conversation to that great Chicago Cubs World Series win."

This is what passes for the self-styled newspaper of record pseudo-journalism - making it a disgraceful laughing-stock and worse.

Washington Post editors claim "Trump's election threatens human rights around the world," ludicrously calling America, the world's most egregious human rights violator, its "foremost promoter" - while extolling its nonexistent "democracy," adding:

"Mr. Trump appears ready to walk away from that role." Humanity hopes so. Washington's "democracy" and "human rights" exports may kill us all if not challenged and stopped.

WaPo: "…American pressure…played a role in pushing dozens of countries toward freedom, rescuing countless political prisoners and restraining abuses by (various) autocrats."

Fact: Washington governs lawlessly and ruthlessly while supporting most of the world's most barbarous regimes - notably Israel, Saudi Arabia, other despotic Gulf States, and NATO allies complicit in its high crimes.

Media scoundrels aren't likely to let up on Trump any time soon - maybe continuing to bash him as president, much like they've done since he announced his candidacy in mid-2015.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 

His new book as editor and contributor is titled "Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III."

Visit his blog site at 

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Totally agree with the author about this. If Clinton had won it would have meant nuclear war , she was almost promising it during her ludicrous election campaign and I for one believe it would have come about. Are people really so stupid that they cannot see it ? Do they prefer just to ignore all the serious warnings that abound from day to day ? If we had/have a nuclear war nothing else will matter especially Trumps " pussy grabbing " nonsense. Did she , Clinton , really think that people would vote for war ? As for being left-wing she is very far from it and liberal she is not even though people keep on saying this. How can she be in cahoots with the ruling elite and be left wing ? That`s just plain daft as the American working class and the millions without work and the Wall Street Bankster`s have totally opposite interests when it comes down to it. I dislike much of what Trump stands for but not his forein policy so as a foreigner ( English ) I wish Trump all the Best .

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