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Raphael V. Lupo - Then and Now, My Life -Chapter 3

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We start of this video picking up with a little more about Uncle Norman. Then we dive into Chapter 3 and Raphael's years growing up in the 1940's and 1950's on Glebe road in Arlington Virginia. Ray discusses; his house, his dog, his favorite summer memories, the rowdy Wave lady renters, summer in Maine with Joel Roy, Northern Virginia in the 1940's, radio, movies, the birth of tv, poison sumac, his first friends, getting busted playing doctor, the yo yo craze, baseball card flipping, playing marbles, playing Splitsies, Payton Randolph elementary school and Elizabeth Munt Smith, Carl Sweinfurth, Marsha Tenbrook, Topper Wheeler.

We also diverge from the book and I explore his thoughts on parenting, discipline, religion, and how not to explain sex to your children. We had a lot of laughs and these were some pretty funny stories, I hope you enjoy them.

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