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Future Predictions by Year End of 2017

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2017 Predictions...

(This list will close on January 6th. With a week (5 days) of radio interviews and commentary. Publisher Ernest Hancock and guests will list their 2017 predictions.)

- Russia as primary enemy
- New terrorist Group operating from Turkey against Russia
- Trump to create and/or use own Direct Social Media Communications Platform
- Bits of Eight - PirateCoin - Crypto
- Bitcoin High $1600 - Low $800 says Davi / Ernie says: Controvercial Scaling of Bitcoin News will drop price to $500 or less
- Growth of Crypto Exchanges as wide adoption vehicle of Crypto in general
- BTC now at 87.789% of All Crypto - Davi increase of alts to 24.5% / Ernie to 30%
- Trump to express an opinion about Crypto/BTC in 2017 - Negative comment unless traceable etc.
- Trump will have video selfie from Oval Office (TrumpTube)
- Pirate DeCentralization of everything publicly embraced - Maybe... Our Goal
- Robot to Fly Human in 2017, without arrest - Davi: No / Ernie: Yes
- Civilian Space Sex in Orbit 2017
- EM Space Drive in Outer Orbit Space - Ernie: Yes
- Battery Capacity increase - Davi 2x / Ernie 3x
- Announcement of a home development that will be 3D Printed
- Secret Encrypted Messaging between individuals without knowing sender or receiver.
- DeCentralized Silk Road/Open Bazzar mobile APP for Sex Workers (Services) & Drugs (Goods).
- Mesh Network widely available 2017
- SpaceX Mars Supply Ship Launch in 2017 - Ernie Says
- Creator of popular content (Video - Music - Text) revealed to be not a person but AI
- Law Requiring backdoor access to government for all AI and robots.
- Super Hero Masked Crusader - Captain Marque?
- Education: DeCentralized 'Kahn Academy' competitor
- Amazon competitor announced aand legitimate threat to 'Monopoly'.
- Trump will Drone American some where on Earth
- Davi: Hillary dies in 2017
- A person is killed in USA by Government Drone Action
- Marque & Reprisal - Capt'n Marque in Nat News

- Tim Picciott says: Rand Paul will spearhead the effort to allow the Marijuana Industry to access banking, Trump will break National News on Alex Jones Show, & Megan Kelly's ratings will fall on NBC

- Dr Judy Mikovits says: Trump Ends Vaccine Court

- Dr Phranq Tamburri says: Trump will still be president at the end of 2017
- Federal Reserve will raise rates multiple times in 2017 in spite of worsening economy

- Dave Hodges says: Trump efforts to bring jobs backto America will be thwarted by Big Business
- MainStreamMedia (MSM) ratings will continue to plummet

Scott Horton says: Suicide attacks in USA and EU will escalate, causing more Police State, Wars and an increase in Terror Wars around World.

Predictors so far: Ernest Hancock - Davi Barker - Dr Judy Mikovits - Tim Picciott - Dr Judy Mikovits - Dr Phranq Tamburri - Scott Horton - Dave Hodges