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Ghost Gunner 2017 Update and Review

Written by Cody Wilson Subject: Gun Rights

Ghost Gunners,

Today marks a significant update in the progress of our product and R&D efforts. We've been up on the mountain for a while now, but are now returned to share the good news. Our updates include .308 Compatibility, Second Generation Spindle and our 2017 Roadmap.

All Ghost Gunners, GG1's and GG2's are now officially AR-308 compatible and the 80% lowers and cutting code can be found at our website (If you're rocking a GG1 and want to run 308's we recommend this cheap retrofit kit).

All Ghost Gunner's are now being produced with a second generation spindle, which was developed at extended costs and with excruciating pains taken over many months.

As GG2's capabilities have improved, we've stretched ourselves to come up with a drop-in, rigid, accurate and affordable spindle concept that could replace our first generation. Let's tell you about it:
All previous iterations of the GG1 an GG2 spindles were of a two-piece construction where the ER-11 component was pressed onto a shaft. Because of our previous bearing design and initial runout specs, this was not a huge problem. But as our planned library of Ghost Gunner applications has expanded and as we've seen latent spindle failures in the field, we knew we had to engineer our spindle to be much more accurate and rigid.

To that end, all GG2 spindles are now of a unibody construction with the ER-11 collet system integrated with the shaft. As well each spindle has:

8x more rigidity, is much more resilient to accidental crashes

Removed the stress concentrator that can cause latent spindle shearing

10x reduced initial runout spec. Additional runout drastically reduced over time

Increased radial rigidity and heat treated shaft with precision bearing diameters

We could not be more proud of this new spindle, and we want to recommend everyone who has a GG to upgrade to it if and as you are able. In the next months we will discontinue support of the V1 spindle and we have prepared a support channel to help you upgrade this year. 
Please email if you would like to inquire about the component or schedule an upgrade, and we'll do our best to accommodate.

The GG 2017 Roadmap

For 2017 Ghost Gunner is moving into pistols. We believe the machine and software environment are now mature enough to support the slot cutting and drilling that aluminum 1911 frames, and some sig 80% receivers, require.

A lot of the prototyping we've done since last year has been to prove out the fixtures and tooling for cutting the 1911. We believe with our new, more accurate spindle and some planned firmware upgrades, that this application will be our next release.
That said, we are committed as a company to making 600-800 more machines this year. We've contracted with efficiency and manufacturing consultants to catch up to our theoretical production capacity. If you'd like a 2017 machine, however, we still recommend that you place a deposit as soon as possible.
Order Your GG2
I expect our next announcements will be both more frequent and about our 1911 progress and developments. We went through a period of intense development in 2016, including the installation of a new machine shop and an expanded production facility.
And we plan to tell you more about our lawsuit and other projects in the coming days, both here and on our social media channels.
As ever, we cannot thank you enough for your business and interest in Ghost Gunner. Your support and patience have allowed us to continue to develop what is now The Best CNC Machine on the market in its class. Even our nearest competitors can't even come close.

If you have more inquiries you're invited to email or call us at 512-584-8013 and we'll tell you about our updates and plans.


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