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Israeli War Minister Wants Arab Citizens Out of Israel

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Israeli War Minister Wants Arab Citizens Out of Israel

by Stephen Lendman

Ultranationalist Israeli war minister Avigdor Lieberman is part of the nation's lunatic fringe - actively promoting Arab hatred, violence and bloodshed.

Earlier as foreign minister, he demanded all Israeli Arab citizens declare loyalty to a "Jewish, Zionist, democratic state" - including its emblems and cultural values in place of their own heritage and traditions.

He wants them performing mandatory military service or its equivalent as a condition for obtaining a national identity card signifying citizenship.

He urged transferring them from Israel to a cantonized Palestinian rump state on worthless scrubland. He's one of the most ruthless politicians in Israeli history - a hate-mongering racist, calling peace with Palestinians "unattainable - not now or for the next generation."

He's uncompromising, supporting unlimited settlement construction, believing dispossessing Palestinians from their land is the right thing to do.

Arab MK Ahmed Tibi once called him the "Jewish Islamic State." He and likeminded Israeli extremists threaten regional and world peace.

Saturday on Israel's Channel 2, he urged expelling Arab Israeli citizens to West Bank Palestinian communities, saying they'll "be citizens of the Palestinian Authority (PA)."

Lieberman, education minister Naftali Bennett and likeminded Israeli extremists urge annexing most West Bank territory.

Last December, Bennett said "(t)he time has come to say Israel is ours to go from strategic defense to a process of initiating the implementation of Israeli sovereignty over the territories under Israeli control in Judea and Samaria." 

"We need to mark this as a strategic objective and stop the misunderstood message sent from Israel abroad."

Earlier in December, he said "(t)he approach that I'm promoting is reasonable, sane. In the Middle East, we don't have the luxury to indulge in fantasy." 

"If it were up to me, I would not wait. I would start with the Etzion bloc (near Jerusalem), and apply Israeli law and sovereignty on (the area) first."

"We did this twice before, both times unilaterally: in Jerusalem in 1967 and with the Golan in 1981." He urged doing it again now.

What he and other Israeli extremists call "realism" is illegal under international law. 

If land theft and settlement construction aren't stopped, Israel will seize all it can, leaving isolated Palestinians surrounded by hostile settlements, making current untenable conditions far worse.

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