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Written by Jacek Spendel Subject: Events: Arizona


Dear Project Arizona Friends, 

           Arthur Brooks says that everybody's life is like a business plan. An ability to live peacefully, with friendships, to be the "yes-man", and to take risks – all that makes our lifes richer and better. That is one of the lessons we took from President of AEI, who came to Phoenix, invited by our dear Friends from ASU CPTL. The ideas of freedom are chiefly concerned with peace. Recently, I had a chance to speak about the pro-peace nature of laissez-faire capitalism at a Roy Miller's Group meeting. I pointed out that freedom creates conditions for peaceful, voluntary cooperation between people, and absence of regulations reduces conflict between groups in society. Project Arizona is truly about people – and I don't mean just the participants. It is profoundly about you and your feelings about it. On May 10th in Scottsdale we will have a wonderful opportunity to meet you in non-virtual reality, and we would love to see you there. Let's build the Project Arizona community together!

Yours for Liberty,
Jacek Spendel
Director of Project Arizona


Jacek Spendel, Director of Project Arizona, invites you to attend Fundraising Reception to support Project Arizona's mission of educating international students on the principles of Liberty. 

Date: Wednesday, May 10th at 5:30
Place: Sonata's Restaurant (10050 N. Scottsdale Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85253)
RSVP: 602-516-4341 or
Appetizers will be provided. 

5:30 Door open / Socializing
6:00 Justice Clint Bolick, AZ Supreme Court "Arizona's Exceptionalism. State Constitution and its' provisions for Liberty"
6:30 Jacek Spendel and Project Arizona's Participants: Project Arizona's Achievements and Future
Education & Networking

April 7th: Project Arizona students participated at the Friday Working Group led by Alan Korwin. The main speaker was Michele Reagan, Arizona's Secretary of State.

April 13th: We were guests at the ASU Center for Political Thought event in Phoenix Desert Botanical Gardens. Main speaker was dr Arthur Brooks, President of AEI. [Picture no. 1]

April 19th: the entire Project Arizona group was invited to attend Roy Miller's Group meeting held at the University Club in Phoenix. In the first part of the meeting, Project Arizona's director presented the concept and participants spoke about their experience. In the second part of the meeting, Jacek Spendel delivered a speech about a great libertarian thinker Frank Chodorov and his criticism of politics. Video from Jacek Spendel's speech can he watched here. [Picture no. 2]

April 20th: Project Arizona students inaugurated the Americans for Prosperity' Grassroots Leadership Academy. The class was about the strategic lessons from the left. 

April 21st: Networking meeting with Scottsdale-based businessman and freedom activist Timothy Picciott

April 26th: Our students were invited by Donna and Ernie Hancocks for entire day of activities. First they were trained shooting on a desert, then they were guests of "Declare your Independence with Ernest Hancock" Radio Show (mp3 available here), and finally Hancocks throw a dinner party with well known libertarian activist, Adam Kokesh. [Picture no. 3]

April 27th: Project Arizona participants attended another GLA (Grassroots Leadership Academy) class. This time the theme was community building. 

April 28th: We were again guests of AFP Arizona. It was an event on driverless cars and costs of light rail. The speaker was Randal O'Toole, transportation expert from the CATO Institute. [Picture no. 4]
Travels & Fun

April 7th: We explored the Heard Museum in Phoenix
April 9th: NBA game, Phonix Suns vs. Dallas Mavericks [Picture no. 1]
April 15th: We went on a day trip to Sedona
April 16th: Entire Project Arizona celebrated Easter and Jacek's birthday 
April 17th: Day trip to Tortilla Flat and Roosevelt Lake [Picture no. 2]
April 21-23rd: Trip to Monument Valley and Grand Canyon. The trip was possible thanks to generous support from the Polish American Congress - Arizona Division [Picture no. 3]
 April 29th: Hiking Camelback Mountain [Picture no. 4]

Project Arizona's Easter Potluck Breakfast at 505 West, students' home in Tempe

In the fourth issue of the "Project Arizona News" we would like to present you Konrad Sajkowski, 26 years old businessman and freedom activist from Poland. Let's give him a voice.
Life story in short: I graduated from International business in Pozna? and for two years I am the owner of two bars in Poland and also I am an active member of the biggest free market oriented political party in Poland. It is called,,Wolno??" which means "Freedom" in English. As an entrepreneur I can experience how terrible bureaucracy and taxation is in Poland and how cumbering  for business is that. As a party activist I am trying to convince as many people as I can to see that free market, small taxation and less bureaucracy is the only way for 
Poland to became a rich country after decades of communism. In the future I would like to be a member of our parliament to have a real influence on our politics.

Impressions from Project Arizona: As a participant of Project Arizona I have an opportunity to see how freedom really works. State of Arizona is one of the freest states in the US so it's the best example for me and I want to apply as much freedom as I possibly can in my country.  For me the most interesting thing, beyond taxation and simple law, is the 2nd amendment and entire gun law. It is very exotic for average Poles these days. I really enjoy opportunities that we have here to learn and try shooting and to observe that gun possesion can be truly natural for people. This is so great! I am an intern at the ASU Center for Political Thought and Leadership which offers amazing educational program for young people in Tempe. Recently I have had a privilege to deliver a lecture on Polish history to ASU students and judging from the applouse I received, it went pretty well. 



This is our plan of activities for coming two weeks:

- April 30th (Sun): Networking meeting at 505 with Thomas Bingel, freedom activist and German immigrant to Arizona 
- May 3rd (Wed): Networking meeting with Goldwater Institute's President Darcy Olsen
- May 4th (Thur): Grassroots Leadership Academy at Americans for Prosperity
- May 5th (Fri): Networking meeting at 505 with Lawrence Bell, director and founder of the Arizona Jewish Historical Society
- May 6th (Sat) morning door-to-door activism with AFP
- May 10th (Wed): Project Arizona's Fundraiser at Sonata's Restaurant
- May 11th (Thur): Grassroots Leadership Academy at Americans for Prosperity
- May 12th (Fri): Networking Meeting with Marc J. Victor, owner of big law firm
- May 13-14th (Sat-Sun). Trip to Hoover Dam & Las Vegas

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