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Israel Commemorates Its Theft of Palestine

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Israel Commemorates Its Theft of Palestine

by Stephen Lendman

Israel is a warrior state, a serial aggressor, a regional and global menace - unaccountable for decades of high crimes against peace.

Its creation and existence cost countless Palestinian lives lost, hundreds of thousands imprisoned for political reasons, and daily illegal occupation viciousness.

On Sunday, Israel commemorated its annual Memorial Day, remembering its dead soldiers, ignoring the Palestinian Nakba, an unending catastrophe for its people.

"A cloud of sadness surrounds the State of Israel today and always envelops the families, the parents, the children, the widows, the spouses, the brothers and the sisters," Netanyahu ranted, ignoring the harm Israeli forces inflicted on Palestinians and other regional Arabs.

"Today we are marking the mutual responsibility and shared fate that binds all segments of the people with the bereaved family. That is the genuine and to a great extent the unique source of the State of Israel, of our strength, a unique source of strength," Netanyahu added.

"We stand as a fortified wall facing our enemies. We do not demonstrate weakness. We do not allow our weapon to drop from our hands." 

"We know that this is the only way for us to repel those plotting (against us), who refuse to become reconciled with our existence, and it is only this way that we will achieve peace with those of our neighbors who want peace. At the same time… we maintain our humanity."

Fact: A "cloud of sadness surrounds" the victims of Israeli viciousness.

Fact: Israel's only enemies are ones it invents, furthering its agenda to redraw the Middle East map, wanting all regional rivals eliminated.

Fact: No nations plot against Israel. None threaten its security and existence.

Fact: Israel prioritizes endless regional wars and instability. Peace is anathema to its ruthless agenda. 

Fact: As long as the US/Israeli axis exists, no one is safe anywhere.

While Israel remembers its lost soldiers, Palestinians mourn decades of horrors they committed, continuing daily.

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