Iran Taking Over Syria?

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Iran Taking Over Syria?

by Stephen Lendman ( - Home - Stephen Lendman)

New York Times fake news wants readers to believe it. 

Modern-day Iran never took over or attacked another nation. The Times is a lying machine. Claiming Iran is "taking over Syria" is malicious disinformation.

So is calling six-and-a-half years of US aggression on Syria "civil war." There's nothing civil about it. The country was invaded, a topic explained many times in previous articles.

The Times: "(T)he government of Bashar al-Assad has relied on Iran and its proxies like the Lebanese Hezbollah to stay in power." 

"While Russia, too, has played an important role, Tehran has been the Syrian government's primary backer. With the end of the war now apparently on the horizon, Iran looks set to be the big winner and in control of Syria's foreign policy in the future. The results could be truly disastrous."

Fact: Russian air power and intelligence, along with its commitment to Syria's sovereignty, territorial integrity, and right of its people alone to choose their leadership turned the tide of battle in the country's favor. 

Fact: Thousands of Hezbollah fighters continue helping greatly, making an enormous contribution on the ground. 

Fact: Iran's role is largely advisory. According to its Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, it never conducted an independent ground or aerial campaign in the country. 

Fact: It's responsibly aiding its Syria ally combat US-supported terrorists in an advisory capacity. Tehran is one of the guarantors of Russian established deescalation zones.

Fact: Ordinary people throughout the region will be "big winner(s)" if Syria regains peace and stability - America, Israel, and their rogue allies the losers.

Fact: Iran seeks no control over Syrian foreign policy, or the affairs of any other nation. The Times lied claiming otherwise.

The Times: "…Bashar al-Assad tended to see his alliance with Iran as a tradable asset, something he could get rid of in exchange for, say, a grand bargain on the Golan Heights, which Israel has occupied since 1967, or for improved relations with the United States."

Fact: Assad knows Washington and Israel can never be trusted. He considers Iran an invaluable ally, Tehran valuing its alliance with Syria the same way, united against the scourge of US and Israeli imperialism.

The Times: "If Syria's orientation toward Iran continues, Israel will feel that when it looks across the Golan Heights, it sees Iran staring back."

Fact: When war ends one day, Iran will maintain a diplomatic presence in Damascus, not troops close to Israel's border or anywhere else in the country. It has none there now except small numbers of advisors.

China, Russia and Iran will play major roles in rebuilding Syria. Other countries will be involved, ones allied with Damascus in defeating the scourge of terrorism.

America, NATO nations and their rogue allies aren't wanted. They remain hostile enemies of the Syrian Arab Republic.

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