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Letter from Morpheus...UPDATE NOVEMBER 2ND, 2017

Written by Subject: Bitcoin

TO KEEP UPDATED ON MORPHEUS'S CASE, PLEASE VISIT THIS FREEDOM'S PHOENIX LINK: UPDATE 2017-11-02 on Morhpeus Titania, aka Thomas Costanzo, Bitcoin Arrest 4/20 by Federal Agents


Thomas Costanzo

73285408 CADC

PO Box 6300

Florence AZ, 85732                                                                                                      10-11-2017

Hi Ernie and Donna,

How are you guys doing? I am doing awesome despite my circumstances. I have been working at meditating, reading, eating sleeping and playing chess. My head is in a great place as a result of finding out about Tibetan Buddhism. It is sooo deep, simple and profound. No god to believe in or disbelieve in. It's about finding inner peace. I have to say I am at the most peaceful I have ever experienced, that's saying a lot based on where I am at.

Anyway, I got my first piece of hate mail so I must be moving up in the world! The guy must read Freedoms Phoenix with all the references. At first I wasn't going to respond, then after talking about it on the Wednesday conference call at 5:30 (520)208-6913 I decided to respond anyway and see if you would publish it. He has some outrageous statements like 4409 shot himself...and we could have bought in so much earlier for less, Alma's baby and a bunch of other silly stuff.

So I just got finished with a book on Alexander Hamilton wow what a powerhouse he was! It was really interesting because he was right in the middle of everything and how a guy with lowly beginnings was so masterful at creating the United States as we know it today. Had it not been for him, the continental congress would have never happened. Even if it did it never would have gotten ratified without Hamilton's efforts. I know many people believe in the creation of the United States as it stands today it is an abomination of what the fight for Liberty and the Revolution was all about.

However, as a result of reading Alexander Hamilton by Chernow, I have more insight to the reasons they organized the Continental Congress. It is because they were BANKRUPT under the articles of confederation. Plus the central government had almost zero power. Had they not consolidated, it would have been like Europe in this country with every state jockeying for control and power themselves. All I can say is a great read with many insights.

Fast forward 250 years we now have the technology to not be bankrupt and that system is Bitcoin and Crypto currency. I believe this system can take humanity into the future, because now everyone can be the Bank. The challenge is we still have to find a way to organize using consensus instead of hierarchy. John David Garcia invented such a system based on ethical principles. He discovered that ethics was linked to creativity. Creativity is what gives humans everything we value in life, and John David invented a way to increase the creativity of groups of people. It starts with an ethical purpose. An ethical act is one that increases the truth awareness Love or Creativity (TALC) of anyone including the person active without harming or diminishing the (TALC) of anyone else. By this definition, everything the Government does is unethical. So you have ethical purpose, small groups, 8 people was found to be the ideal number of people, forthcoming feedback meaning no talking behind anyone's back and when in conflict-direct communication with the involved party. Unanimous decision for any group decision and when stuck a special mediation/amplification process is used. John David's book is called Creative Transformation and you can also read Flourish by Bob Podolsky and more information on Bob's website

Sincerely , Love you Long time, Morpheus!

Hate Mail Letter to Morpheus:

You wasted Donna's time with deciphering your very ignorant delusional letter (Love You Donna) How does it feel to have HIV Only Magic is Cured from it.

You're just a rat in a cage, where you belong. Typical pinhead no one cares about you spewing religion, except the very dumbest of society. Talking about Cryptocurrency, yet in 2009 you/Drew/Ernest/ the rest of the Losers like 4409 could have bought 5000 Bitcoins for 29 bucks. Which is now worth $20 million. Donald Trump is President and you're behind bars!!! Guilty-the sentence is 10 years by the Jury. Predicted this fact. The Neuro-scientist hired the Lawyer who created the Bitcoin Foundation. Welcome to America! Denied Entry. For that you will die in prison for being a lame UNITED STATES CORPORATION OF 1872 "citizen." Trump is President for two terms. Instead write your highly sloppy unreadable letters to Renee. Shelton Otaga "4409" blew his brains out in his mother's basement after finding out Adam "I Love Cock" Kokesh sells weed with his VA Pension, in Flagstaff. How is that for irony? Alma gave birth again, fugly baby #5. I laugh @ you Thomas. Bill Gates and Oprah invested both into bitcoin. Phranq is another piece of shit for not knowing how to spell/write Frank. Hail to the Titans, Bilderberg/Central Bankers! How dare you call out one of my servants-President Trump. You free loading degenerate peon. Stop begging for one to send you photos of the UK Incest Royal Family. Morpheus which you stole from the movie Matrix, as if you are greater than normal.

You're a rat in a cage wasting taxpayers funds. From the grave Shelton (Bodega.?)

Stop writing love letters to Donna!

Morpheus Response to Hate Mail:

Thomas Constanzo

73285408 CADC

PO BOX 6300

Florence, AZ 85312                                                                                       10-11-2017

Dear hate Mail,

I don't know who you are, because you seem too cowardly to give me your name or return address to correspond directly. Being you are a reader of Freedom's Phoenix, I'm sending this letter there with the intention you may read it.

First off to answer your letter I am not the one in the cage, it appears that you are. You seem to be hopelessly trapped in a prison without walls not only by the system you support and also the one of your mind. Your seriously demented letter indicates that you are woefully psychologically impaired with trauma from your childhood and adult lives. You would benefit from meditation and therapy.

I do not care about Donald Trump. He's not my Moron. He may be yours and that's OK. The political process is fatally flawed and Donald "Moron" Trump is the epitome of why the system can never work.

Or let me back up...the system functions exactly as it is supposed to benefiting the owners of the system namely the B.O.R.G which stands for Banks, Organized Religion, and Government. For a more complete analysis of the problem search "BORG Robot by Bob Podolsky".

To let you know I will win this case and be exonerated of all charges. There are 2 cases to look up to see why this is true. The first is U.S. vs. Petix. In that case, the charges of money transmitting the charge was dismissed because the court ruled Bitcoin is not money. Bitcoin is an intangible commodity that has the properties of money without government involvement. It's a commodity that functions like money. The properties that allow it to function as money are scarcity (like gold and silver), durability like Gold and Silver (doesn't turn into dust), authenticity can be verified, (this is why gold is stamped), portability (easy to carry), divisibility (easily made into smaller denominations) and fungibility, (one piece cut into 2 is worth the same as one piece). However Bitcoin cannot be classified as money or funds because it cannot be controlled or regulated by the Government. It is outside their ability to control it. Money is something the Government can regulate and control. It is not money.

In the other case, FLA vs. Espinoza the case was dismissed because being that Bitcoin is not money: the case for money laundering and unlicensed money transmitting were both dismissed. So even if I do not win at trial, I will win at the appeal level. Either way, the Government is screwed.

As for me personally, I am doing great. I have lost 11 #'s, I do 300-400 push-ups per night plus squats and ab work. I'm looking the best I have in years. The young guys usually can't keep up with my workout. I have read about 60 books including 3-4 that have been about Tibetan Buddhism, which I can honestly say have made a dramatic impact in my spiritual awareness. The most important aspect of Tibetan Buddhism is that it is about compassion and death.

The death part is the thing that got me. Everyone - you, me, even Donald Trump - will die. Based on how you live determines your existence in the next life. This life is about suffering. I don't want to go to the lower realms to see what those are like.

As far as saying I Love you Donna, if Ernie felt I was encroaching on his wife, I'm sure he does not need you to help him out! I Love everyone in the Freedom Movement. They are all my friends.

In Loving Compassion






Thomas Costanzo

73285408 CADC

POB 6300

Florence, Arizona  85132                                                                                               2017/08/16

Dear Donna, Ernie, Mike, Xander, Phranq, Sarv Varta, Keith, Jefferson, Mr. M, Tesla, Alex, Theo, and Phaedra,

Hello to all out there in the outside. I feel so grateful that your group took the time to sign the card I got for my birthday, 07-29. I have now been in this place for a total of 117 days, 3 days short of a 1/3 of a year. OK so it's not perfect math. :) 

So much is happening on the outside.  I have been fortunate as Mercury got me a subscription to the Wall Street Journal to keep me up to date on the activity going on. On Saturday and Monday, back to back editions as the WSJ doesn't have a Sunday edition, were articles on Bitcoin. Monday's edition on the front page with a graph titled 'Bitcoin Gets a Boost' with the price from 2016 at about $500 to all the way up to $4156.76 on August 13. And on Monday on the front page of the Business Section called 'Partyer's Dream of Bitcoin Riches' with a story about people partying like it's 1999 in New York.  All of them Bitcoin enthusiasts.

I don't think it will be long before the Journal starts having a daily price for crypto. I mean it's the only thing exciting I can see in the world news reports. Everything else is so ho-hum, the government this, the retailers are losing to Amazon, the robots are taking over. The then of course there is the antics of Donald Trump @RealDonaldTrump.  I really didn't think he would be such an awful president. He may get better with time. It's hard to believe he is so successful in terms of money being such a blowhard as well!

I mean this president actually believes that the dollar going down is good for the country. Having the "dollar" go down only means things cost more. We are living in the future so stuff should cost less, not more. Oh the pen is getting lighter in color so I need to switch pens. This is the whole point to bitcoin as humanity moves into the future it becomes easier to do work. This is the point of productivity; in the future, machines will do all the drudgery. Almost every day the paper is talking about self-driving cars and how the automobile manufacturers are going to have to adapt to this new market.

And then we have Kim Jong-un waiting to have a sword fight with Donald Trump. You would think Trump would just ignore him. Kim didn't get any attention from his father, so this is how he gets his jollies. Obviously Kim is nuts, like his father before him; leave him alone. At best now the Chinese have decided to help out and not trade with North Korea. We shall see what Kim does now.

And here closer to home we have Venezuela and a lunatic Mr. Maduro. He is not happy that the people are starving, so to fix it, he needs more power. Right now I am reading this awesome book by the Dalai Lama "The Joy of Living and Dying in Peace". He says under the Totalitarian system there are spies to pry into every activity within the community even within the family. As a result, people lose trust in each other and constantly remain suspicious and full of doubt. Once we have lost a basic sense of trust and sincere appreciation for each other, how can we expect to find happiness?  He goes on to say:

"How can we establish lasting peace and happiness on the basis of war, anger, and bullying others?  Real cooperation, real lasting peace and happiness can be brought about only on the basis of compassion and loving kindness."

This, it seems, is what Buddhism is all about; loving kindness. When you look at the world, it's all about "me" or "America First". Here in this country we have so much more of what other countries wish they had. Buddhism is all about service to other people.

For example, in talking to the people who are in here who walk across the border (for many of them it's a 7 day journey, across the desert with no guarantees), why do they do this? Mexico they make $10.00-$15.00 dollars per day. Here in this country, the government forces businesses to pay $10.00 per hour. I know what I would do if I or anyone else were in their shoes, you would come across the border, too.

Well, instead of helping the country of Mexico out, Trump wants this poor country to build a wall that is somehow going to protect America. Most people from Mexico work harder than lazy people in the United States. They want to be able to eat and feed their families. Human migration has been a part of humanity since the dawn of time. Just because a group of know-it-alls says this is "our" land. It's all a bunch of baloney.

It's such a disjointed system...instead of giving people a hand up, we feel the need to push them down so we can rise up. A rising tide floats all boats. This is the benefit of cryptocurrency; we don't need all these know-it-alls telling people how to live. People already know. Right now, Bitcoin is about $70 Billion worth of the economy globally. The last numbers I remember were the GNP of all the world is $80 that is about .01% of the global GNP - this is huge. What happens when the cryptocurrency is 1 Trillion market cap or 10 Trillion? It won't take much for this to happen. The Know-it-alls system has a single point of failure, the money system. If they don't control it, then the power flows back to the people. Automatically, without any shots fired.

Since I have been in here, I have been able to read a book every other day. I got a job as the Librarian, so I get the pick of the crop. Most of the books are novels, but every once and a while I find a gem. The gem I want to share with the Freedom movement is "Ishmael" by Daniel Quinn. This is a book everyone will want to read. It's about a Gorilla who becomes self-aware, able to read and talk, as a result he becomes an expert in human behavior. In the book Ishmael, the Gorilla helps a human understand the human condition is being acted out is a mythology we are not even conscious of. Unless we take a step back and examine this mythology, we are paving our own way to utter destruction. The explanation of Genesis in relation to this mythology is outstanding. Bob Podolsky from recounted it to me last year. I am glad I remembered the name of it. I hope I can impress on the readers of this letter, as I hope you will type it out for (Sounds like a Donna Job, Love you Donna!)

Another book I had a great time reading, in fact, I can honestly say has made a profound impact on my life is called "Transform Your Life" by Geshe Gaytso. It is about Tibetan Buddhism. Wow! The depth of Buddhism is amazing. It's so surprising, I did not examine it when I did time back in 1986! There seems to be many different schools of Buddhism and the Tibetan school seems to be the most amazing.

What is profound about the book is that the author starts off talking about death. Now I don't know about everyone else, but occasionally I used to think about death once in a while.  Most people tend to not think about it. Well, it turns out this is the most important subject as according to the Buddhists. With the amount of lives we have lived each individually, the blood from their bodies would fill the Oceans. According to them every one of us has been the mother to everyone else!

And through all these lifetimes from beginningless time we have all experienced suffering. The causes of this suffering are delusional thoughts. The main ones are anger, greed, and ignorance. These are the first 2 noble truths, the third and fourth are freedom is possible and the method is meditation. The book gives some meditations; a few of them are:

"I could die Today", they say "What will you experience first tomorrow or your next life? No one knows. And then I meditate on dying I ready to go? The Buddhist do not look at life in terms of just one, they look at life in terms of all of the rest of a person's future lives and by becoming enlightened can we help others to be enlightened as well. They think long term as in centuries or millennia; however the Buddhist goal is to have all beings becoming enlightened.

Well I have lots of time and hardly any distractions, so this is what I have been doing, meditating. One of my practices is to ask for the suffering of all human beings to ripen on me and I breathe in all that suffering. Hey I am suffering here so bring it on and I can handle it.

What is cool about Buddhism is Buddha was just a guy just like anyone else and he discovered a path to enlightenment; you can walk the path or not. It does say anyone who practices regularly with an ardent desire for compassion to sentient beings with the goal of becoming a Buddha can become one.

I am having to resign myself to the fact that unless a miracle occurs, I could be doing more than 10 years locked up. With these concepts in mind, it makes it so I can do them all and be happy. Or I get exonerated and I am happy, too.

I would love to get some more mail. If you have a few moments, drop me a letter. There is a big difference between wishing me well and letting me know you are wishing me well.

Sincerely Morpheus

If you did a deal with me, contact the investigator for the Public Defender Tony Dunbar 602-382-2711 or cell 928-207-5177. Thanks!

P.S. We have been on lockdown for the past 4 days because an inmate killed another inmate in a different block than I am in. Isn't it annoying no reporting is done on inmate deaths?