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Jimmy Carter Blasts US Domestic and Foreign Policies

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Jimmy Carter Blasts US Domestic and Foreign Policies

by Stephen Lendman ( - Home - Stephen Lendman)

As president, the Carter Doctrine pledged Middle East military intervention if US interests were threatened. His administration considered invading Iran and seizing its oil fields. He encouraged Saddam Hussein to attack Iran.

He supported Salvadoran and Nicaraguan fascists, Iran's ruthless Shah until he fell out of favor, the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia, despotic South Korean leadership, Indonesia's ruthless regime, CIA recruitment of mujahideen fighters in Afghanistan against Soviet Russia, including Osama bin Laden, and other disturbing policies tarnishing his presidency.

At the same time, his post-tenure is America's best in modern memory, vastly different from the deplorable Clintons, Bush/Cheney and Obama, cashing in on their prominence, continuing to back horrors they pursued in office.

Not Carter! He's an outspoken critic of Israeli apartheid, calls conditions in Gaza intolerable, a worsening humanitarian crisis.

He hoped his book "Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid" would "stimulate a debate, which has not existed in this country."

"There's never been any debate on this issue of any significance," he explained - not in Israel or America.

He believes regional peace is impossible unless Israel unconditionally ends its illegal occupation.

Since 2009, he and spouse Rosalynn have held annual conversations with the Carters events - discussing world issues, answering questions from audience members, the latest one on September 12 at the Carter Center in Atlanta.

Aged 92, he successfully overcame cancer. Photos show him looking vibrant in good health.

He blasted US foreign and domestic policies, said money in politics turned America into an "oligarchy," Trump a major disappointment.

Earlier he called America's electoral system "unlimited political bribery." Monied interests "created a complete subversion of our political system as a payoff to major contributors," he stressed.

His advice not taken is "(k)eep the peace, promote human rights, and tell the truth." On North Korea, he said "(t)he first thing I would do is treat (its leadership) with respect."

"I know what the North Koreans want…a firm treaty guaranteeing North Korea that the US will not attack them or hurt them in any way, unless they attack one of their neighbors. But the United States has refused to do that."

If president today, he'd send his top diplomatic emissary to Pyongyang or go himself. He visited the country three times earlier. During his tenure, he failed to end the uneasy armistice  he now urges - in place since the 1950s.

Trump, his team and Congress refuse to act responsibly. It's "practically hopeless" to believe otherwise, including nothing in prospect to pursue "justice (for) the Palestinians," Carter explained.

Hardliners in Israel and Washington reject Palestinian self-determination. Netanyahu notably "has no intention at all of having a two-state solution," Carter stressed.

He long ago ended an active role in undemocratic Dem party politics. He and spouse Rosalynn continue their high-profile advocacy for human rights, public health and democratic elections through the Carter Center.

He's involved in trying to help end conflict in Syria. On October 1, he'll be 93, several months younger than GHW Bush, America's oldest living former president.

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